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GREAT SCOTT! The Nike MAG Release Party!

SEPT 8, 2011 — Last night, the world waited in bated breath for… the FUTURE.

Marty McFly contemplates the original MAG shoes, in Back to the Future II.

In the totally awesome movie trilogy Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox’s character Marty McFly travels to the year 2015, and wears the Nike MAG shoe, which was often called “The Greatest Shoe Never Made.” Well no longer! NIKE says about the MAG shoes: It came alive, lit up and formed to Marty’s foot. The 2011 NIKE MAG shoe was designed to be a precise replica of the original from Back to the Future II. The aesthetic is an exact match, down to the contours of the upper, the glowing LED panel and the electroluminescent NIKE in the strap. The 2011 NIKE MAG illuminates with the pinch of the “ear” of the high top, glowing for five hours per charge.

Not only are these an almost inconceivable tangible creation of every 80s’ kids’ wet dreams, but these shoes were also made with a greater purpose in mind:

1500 pairs of the 2011 NIKE MAG will be auctioned on eBay with all net proceeds going directly to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Each day for the duration of the ten-day auction, one hundred and fifty pairs of the 2011 NIKE MAG shoes will be made available via eBay’s Fashion Vault. The auction starts September 8, 8:30PM PST, and will end September 18. Thanks to a previous 50 million dollar match given to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, all donations will be matched, effectively doubling the contributions from the auction.

With a worthy cause, an amazingly kickass shoe, and the supporting background of over 25 years of Back to the Future fandom, you can bet that Bubble Punch was on the scene to report on the opening party so that EVERYONE could experience this incredible event.

The slogan of the event was “IT’S ABOUT TIME,” referring to the overlying theme that the effort of the Nike AG was focused supporting research to provide a future without Parkinson’s disease.

The release party was held at the Monteblan theater in Hollywood, with a huge crowd of fans lined up down and around for blocks.Unfortunately, we heard that most people in line did not make it in 😦

Front of the theater, with Back to the Future playing on the screens.

Of COURSE the time traveling DeLorean was there! Bubble Punch's Chubby Bunny was able to attend the event, thanks to our buddy Jessica (right) who is an awesome friend.

Upon entering, a huge wall full of Nike MAGs was displayed in a darkly lit plexiglass case that stretched to the cieling, with only the lights of the MAGs shining through. (Don't worry, they light them up properly later, and we have photos!)

WAY TOO MANY photos after the jump, including presentations by Joel McHale, Christopher Lloyd, Tinker Hatfield, and more!

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Clippity Clop! Creating Some Parade Magic in Norco

On September 6, Bubble Punch was invited to the Norco Labor Day parade to help add some magic toOnch Movement’s unicorn-themed carriage that was entered!

Mostly just for fun, we were happy to assist in throwing some magic sparkles and, duh, bubbles, to the mix to create a super fun entry for the parade that had kids chasing after us for candy and sparkles!


More photos and event report after the jump!

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KABLAM! The DC Reboot Arrives!

AUGUST 30, 2011 — Meltdown Comics hosted an amazingly geek-worthy night in honor of the relaunching of all of the DC Universe titles with a party including talks by DC comics writers, a costume contest, prizes for fans, and the midnight release of Flashpoint #5 (the last in the alternate-reality DC universe Flashpoint series) and Justice League #1, the first of the 52 rebooted DC comics that will be debuting this month.

Justice League #1 cover (Don't worry, they de-pants-ed Wonder Woman in the final version)

Before we get to the event, here’s a little back story on this historic DC Comics reboot:
In a bold move, DC (their most commonly known characters being Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and The Flash) is revamping all of their current titles, and renumbering them, starting over again from number one. The “New 52”, as it’s being called, begins the stories of all of the DCU (Detective Comics Universe) from the start, in an attempt to remove the confusion of the past 50 or so years of continuity and give a fresh start so that the story lines and characters are more accessible to the modern reader. That’s right, now readers like us who have lapsed in our comic collecting (most common problem: We’re not sure what the hell is going on anymore!) have a chance to enter the comic universe again without worrying about that pesky back story! Some of the major changes include:

If you’d like to learn more about the relaunch itself, here are some good summaries of the major changes happening in the New 52:
8 Questions About the DC Reboot
DC Comics Relaunch Roundup
List of the New 52 titles, cover art, and release dates

Okay! Now let’s get to the event recap!

This awesome Wonder Woman cosplayer says, "Come Hither!"

Photos and event recap after the jump!

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James Philip Ribiat-Finley Arts Endowment Fundraiser

When our friend Stephanie Inagaki, designer of Miyu Decay, asked if we would be interested in helping spread the word about the James Philip Ribiat-Finley Arts Endowment (her late fiance), we were of course more than willing.

With a mission like:

Helping to support young, local teens who would like to pursue a career in the arts. More information will be forthcoming on the application process and details. Thank you for your patience! 

How could we resist? As independent artists and designers ourselves, we are all for helping support the younger local art and creative generation.

This event will be held:

This Friday, August 26, 2011
Sancho Gallery
1549 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Check out the Facebook Event Page for up to date information!

This isn’t just any old art show, no way!
There will be performances, raffles, free airbrushing, as well as art for sale!

*$10 door fee includes 1 entry into the amazing raffle which is full of incredible artists!
*more raffle tickets will be available for purchase
*bring your cash! drinks (21+ for alcoholic) will be served with complimentary snacks
*over 20 artists have donated their amazing work!
*art will also be for sale and for auction
*performances scheduled throughout the night


Colin Ambulance (former member of Cinema Strange)- solo performance
Daniel Ribiat (bassist of Cinema Strange and James’ brother) experimental solo project
Edwin Liddie Jr.- solo performance
Jill Evyn – hoop dance performance
Kolm- visionary art rock
Prumsodun Ok – dance performance

Contributing Artists:
Coilhouse Magazine
Alcuin Gersh
Allan Amato
Blacklickorish Latex
Bubbles and Frown Haberdashery Shop
Chubby Bunny Accessories
Colin Ambulance
Creepy Dolls
Eron Rauch
Holland Dieringer
Hysteric Haus
Jill Fogel
John Daily
Julian Weiss
Kat Rogers
Lana Crooks
Malady Charlotina
Michelle Romo of Crowded Teeth
Miyu Decay
Nicole Maloof
Nizhoni Ellenwood
Paul Koudounaris
Rowynn Michelle Dumont
Stephanie Inagaki
Tas Limur
Yume Ninja
If you can’t make it, please still consider donating directly to the James Philip Ribiat-Finley Arts Endowment.

You can also help by retweeting, reblogging, and sharing this event!

Hope to see you all come out and support this wonderful event.

Sweet Tooth: Super Sweet Group Show Report

Last Saturday, Munky King was the place to be. Their opening reception for Crowded Teeth’s ‘Super Sweet Group Show’ was poppin’.

Sweet Streets, in collaboration with Crowded Teeth curated an amazing group show with artists such as: Luke Chueh, Eimi, Miso, Martin Hsu, NICO, Mizna Wada, Angry Woebots, among many talented artists.

All of the art was inspired by the works of Crowded Teeth. Of course, we had a little hand in pushing the magic into the world wide web.

The show was a collection of coloful, magical, and cute that only Crowded Teeth could inspire.

We don’t know what was the best part, the art, the magical Crowded Teeth Cupcakes, or the awesome food from Lomo Arigato!

photo by Shannon Cottrell

We do however, want to thank everyone who came out to support this amazing show, and a big thanks to Saporro, who sponsored the event.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the art, the show is running at Munky King until September 7, 2011. So what are you waiting for? Get your booties down there.

If you’re unable to make it, but want to purchase some of the gorgeous artwork, it is all available on the Munky King website.

Thanks again everyone for supporting the show, and we hope to see you at the next event!

More Pictures?

Check out our flickr set
LAWEEKLY.com Slide Show by Shannon Cottrell

Spellbound at Perfectasy

Where can you find Unicorns, Mermaids, cute Lolitas, and deliciously realistic food-themed jewlery? At Onch Movement’s Perfectasy opening party of course!

Our friend Onch (OnchMovement.com) threw a fantastic opening reception for his month long pop-up shop at Royal/t cafe in Culver City, CA.

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