Cheap Treats: Anna Sui for Target

Ah, the influx of high-end designers adding their two-cents to affordable stores! THANK YOU.
We here at Bubble Punch adore fashion, in case you didn’t notice, but are especially excited when we can style ourselves (and our clients!) on the cheap!

Check out our picks from Anna Sui’s line for Target! This is another one of those “inspired by Gossip Girl” lines, but cute all the same. It’s already being previewed in stores, and set for the “official” launch on September 13, 2009, but knowing how disorganized Target is about its release dates (remember the Alexander McQueen fiasco?!), we’re sure it’s been in the store for a week already.

For a listing of Target stores that will be carrying the line check out Target’s Design For All Page.

Chubby Bunny’s picks:

Blair Look 4

Blair Look 4

Blair look 2

Blair look 2

Yume Ninja’s picks:

Serene 3

Blair Look 1

Jenny look 5

Serena Look 3

Check out the entire lookbook at The Cut


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