Hanna Beth’s “Things I Love” @Royal/T & “Vain Remains” @Thinkspace

Bubble Punch headed out to Hanna Beth’s “Things I Love” party at Royal/T on Sept. 11, out in Culver City. I must say, I’m out that way pretty often.. I was even mentioned as a “Royal/T regular” in their weekly newsletter they made after the event…!
Pink champagne, cutesy items in the pop-up shop, and Hanna Beth herself were present at this intimate event. Art featured in the gallery, as well as the items in the shop were hand picked by Hanna Beth, hence the title of the event.

Pardon the blurry photos…! Night events always tend to have lighting which, while conducive to hobnobbing, is not so much for photo taking.

This fashionable family showed up, too!! So cute…! They totally stole the scene.

After that, my friend and I hopped over to Silverlake to see the Camilla d’Errico & Caia Koopman joint art show over at Thinkspace Gallery. We found a miraculously close parking space, and ventured over to discover that a bunch of our friends had also attended the event 🙂

Both Yume Ninja and I are such huge fans of Camilla’s… her art is so pretty and detailed… it also helps that Camilla herself is such a nice girl!


Camilla is the one in the middle with black hair and the black dress ❤

Check out our Flickr for more photos from this, and other events!

-Chubby Bunny


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