Skingraft Fashion Show

On Tuesday, October 12, Bubble Punch trekked to downtown through horrendous weather and traffic to check out the Skingraft fashion show. This show was just one of many of Los Angeles Downtown Fashion Week, which kicked off earlier this week. Thanks to our friends at Pure Consulting for the invite!

Having been fans of Skingraft’s designs in the past, and even having pulled from their delightful array of fashions for past photo shoots, we were excited to see what designers Jonny Cota and Katie Kay had up their sleeves this time.

Having pulled inspiration heavily from the Amelia Earheart era, plenty of goggles, leather aviation caps, and fitted leather jackets rounded out their theme. Using both birds and aviation as their focus, the show began with a troupe of dancers wearing leather harnesses executing fluid movements to represent “flight.”

Check out more photos and reviews below the jump!

From their past work, we have seen Skingraft evolve their line into a more toned down version of what it once was. While theatrical and showstopping in the past, the opening looks for the runway on Tuesday night was what we might have called a toned-down version of what we’ve seen they are capable of.

The over-sized buttons, studs, and expertly placed seams were a cute and rock star interpretation of the military look.

The bread and butter of what makes Skingraft what we love, isn’t really the ready-to-wear items, but their jaw-dropping, fantastic designs that stand out from the pack. The last couple of looks satisfied our dramatic-fashion-filled hearts ❤

Gotta love the bird on her shoulder… so cute!

This final look sauntered down the runway to a round of applause from the audience. THANK YOU, Skingraft! THIS is what we were waiting for!

The feathers on this model’s head are fantastic… but the general consensus is that this look was directly pulled from Gareth Pugh’s Spring 2010 look below:

Gareth Pughs version for Spring 2010

Gareth Pugh's version for Spring 2010

But, as we always say, there’s nothing truly original out there, right…? It looked fantastic on both models, nonetheless, and is a look that we both would like to sport in the future (hopefully not when driving).

Jonny Cota and Katie Kay take a bow

Jonny Cota and Katie Kay take a bow

Can you spot the Chubby Bunny?

Can you spot the Chubby Bunny?

Here are two quick outfit shots… ignore the flattened hair. I blame the ridiculous rain!

Chubby Bunny in one of her designs

Chubby Bunny in one of her designs

Yume Ninja in a fun coordinate

Yume Ninja in a fun coordinate


One thought on “Skingraft Fashion Show

  1. The aviation caps are great!

    I like the feather-wing headdresses, but would like them much better if they faced backwards. What a wonderful fashion trend that would be – why don’t more people wear feathers more often?

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