Hello Kitty’s 3 Apples Swag

Not to be lost in the slew of Hello Kitty and Three Apples Exhibition posts; we give you the awesome gift bags that were handed out during the VIP Opening Party on October 22, 2009.

The VIP Gift Bags

The VIP Gift Bags

There were actually two types of gift bags handed out at the party. One was for Designers of the Hello Kitty Fashion Show/Artists/Celebrities, and then attendees. There were also additional gifts given at the party by the visiting Japanese Sanrio staff that ranged from cute phone charms to miniature figures.

This particular gift bag is for the Fashion Show Designers as Chubby Bunny is submitting a wonderful surprise design for the show on November 14, 2009 (the day after our Hello Kitty: Bats & Cats Masquerade!).

Limited Edition Hello Kitty 3 Apples reversible tote

Limited Edition Hello Kitty 3 Apples reversible tote

The entire gift sets came in this limited edition Hello Kitty reversible tote that is only available during this exhibition.

Hello Kitty Tote reverse side

Hello Kitty Tote reverse side

Now on to the goodies!

Booklets, wallets, and surprises.

Booklets, wallets, and surprises.

From the top to bottom:

1. Hello Kitty 3 Apples Limited Edition Wallet for Target. In side there was also a $25 gift card to target!

2. Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Celebration Book/Magazine with Sanrio Character Tote bag. Ours were Twin Stars, but there were also Hello Kitty ones.

3. The 3 Apples Art Exhibition Booklet, which contains all artwork that was curated by JapanLA for this show.

Figures, Accessories, and Yoshikitty! Oh My!

Figures, Accessories, and Yoshikitty! Oh My!

From Top to Bottom, left to right:

1. Hello Kitty Pez Head
2. Special Edition Hello Kitty 3 Apples Figure
3. Yoshikitty by Yoshiki phone charm (this was originally handed out during the party and was not included in most gift bags)
4. Flyer for JapanLA.com
5. Special Edition Hello Kitty 3 Apples Button Sets.
6. Hello Kitty 3 Apples special Edition Vynil Doll (the print matches the inside of the tote!)
7. Sanrio Days booklet
8. Hello Kitty 3 Apples special edition Mirror Bracelet

And there you have it. The gift bags were incredible and filled with awesome special items made specifically for the exhibition at Royal-T Maid Cafe!

For the bonus round:

While browsing through the Exhibition Art booklet, we found a special thank you from Sanrio & Hello Kitty:

Hello Kitty loves Bubble Punch

Hello Kitty loves Bubble Punch

Thank you to Sanrio, Hello Kitty, and Royal-T for letting us be a part of this Exhibit and allow us to help in celebration by throwing our own fun party!

Are you guys excited for Hello Kittys Bats & Cats Masquerade yet?! You should be.


4 thoughts on “Hello Kitty’s 3 Apples Swag

  1. Thanks for the details. That is seriously awesome!!! haha now i want that yoshikitty xDDD

    Awww the special thank you message at the end was very sweet of them.

    • you are most welcome! There were a lot of other gifts being handed out that nite as well! We were given some other charms by the Japanese President of Sanrio himself with out knowing! It was a crazy fun nite and we hope it wil be revisted at our Bats & Cats party!

  2. That is a seriously awesome swag bag – such is the power of Sanrio that you can have nearly all the limited edition things being sold in the store PLUS a gift card to Target!

    The figurines and vinyl are certainly cool, but tbh I spent the longest time hovering over the adorable Sanrio Days book in the store reminiscing over all the 80s characters that have passed on. Would love to see more from inside the exhibition booklet as well.

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