San-X U.S. debut featuring Rilakkuma at JapanLA! This Saturday!

Bubble Punch loves teaming up with JapanLA and friends for their fun events! This next one is no exception!

The awesomely cute, Japanese-character brand San-X is finally making it’s debut here in the US!!! YES! Recognizing the awesomeness that is JapanLA, San-X has handpicked the store as one of the select few authorized dealers of thier hilarious, cute, and super off-beat character goods!

We are super excited to be a part of this event!

To celebrate the big launch. JapanLA is hosting a “Rilakkuma Christmas Pancake Party:” a super fun night of partying, friends, pancakes, and… special guest star… RILAKKUMA HIMSELF!!!! If you do not know who Rilakkuma is, take a look at the flyer below for the gist of what this “relax bear” (the literal translation of Rilakkuma), designed by our very own Yume Ninja here at Bubble Punch!

What’s super weird, yet adorable about Rilakkuma, is that he loves to relax with his buddies, as well as wear bear costumes…. So what is he really? He could be a human, an animal, or an alien! NO ONE KNOWS!! (The official statement on Rilakkuma’s identity is, “MYSTERY desu!”)

Lucky for us, one of Rilakkuma’s favorite snacks is donuts! JapanLA convinced the shiny new Buttermilk Truck to come to the party, and they’ll be outside of the store cooking up pancakes, waffles, donuts and more!

Check out the details below!
Time: Saturday, Dec 12th, 7pm-11pm
Place: JapanLA, 648 N. Fuller Ave. (Off Melrose Ave.), Los Angeles, CA 90036

  • Free pancakes from the acclaimed Buttermilk Truck for first 30 guests with Christmas themed-outfits!
  • San-X goody bags to first 100 guests with San-X purchase!
  • “Most Outrageous Christmas Themed Outfit” Contest with Rilakkuma prizes!
  • Special San-X products brought in from Japan for the event!
  • This is an all-ages event!

Come party hardy with JapanLA, Bubble Punch, Rilakkuma and friends at the cutest Christmas event of the year!

Hope to see you there!

Nom nom nom! (*please note these are not the actual pancakes Buttermilk truck will be serving... hehe. But they are awesome nonetheless.)


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