Holiday Happiness

Though it’s belated, we here at Bubble Punch truly hope that all of our readers had a wonderful Christmas in 2009! We sure did!

We actually cheated and celebrated a bit early last year (on December 23, to be exact), The Chubby Bunny was leaving for her Costa Rican Christmas Adventures, and Yume Ninja made preparations to receive Christmas guests.

2009 marked our first Bubble Punch family Christmas together. After the hullabuloo of November and early December, we of course opted to celebrate in extreme comfort!

White Christmas Tree

Now this is a White Christmas!

Yume Ninja, lover of excessive Christmas decorations shopping; achieved her dream of having a white tree.

There were many gifts to open that day (as you can tell). We all went a little crazy during our Christmas shopping.


You can tell that the Chubby Bunny was extremely excited about the comfort this Slanket would provide our entire household! This was further carved into stone when the Bubble Punch family and friends gathered after New Years for a Slanket/Blanket Comfort party. We all pretty much sat in a warm comfortable circle and caught up after the holidays, but that is another tale for another time.

Shuriken Coat Hanger for NINJAS

Chubby Bunny got Yume Ninja a Shuriken coat hanger, fitting gift.

Peeker fashion show.

Peeker, Yume Ninja’s baby, is often the first of our pets to be adorned in holiday wear. As you can tell, he is not amused in the least, but was later bribed into happiness with cat treats.

After everyone completed the gift exchanged we ended the evening with home home made takoyaki for our empty bellies.

Takoyaki is yum.

As always, there are more fun photos of our Christmas in our Flickr album! You can access them on the left.

Although we’ve been MIA for quite a few weeks, we do again hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. Wether it was with family, friends, or on vacation, we hope that everyone also rang in the New Year with promises for a better “you” in 2010!

This year, Yume Ninja is swearing to keep protein high in her diet and to keep a more socially positive energy about her! She’s also contemplating taking up dance again between completing more artwork!

Chubby Bunny made a resolution fitting of a fat rabbit: She has resolved to build up a tolerance to spicy foods so that she can fully enjoy the full palate of Korean tastes when she visits next year!

What will you guys all do in 2010?!


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