Do you? Because the POWER OF GREYSKULL DOES!

Growing up during the 1980’s obviously means neither of us are strangers to He-Man & The Masters of the Universe. It seems like only yesterday we were waking up at 6:00AM on Saturdays to tune into Adam Eternia transforming into He-Man. mm. Purple fur briefs. What’s NOT TO LOVE?

Lucky for us, and all of those 80’s children of Los Angeles:

Gallery 1988: He Man & The Masters of the Universe!

Gallery 1988 is having an art show depicting artwork by various current artists, inspired by our very special dwellers of Eternia. Whether you were for Skeletor or He-Man, you had better skidaddle to Gallery 1988 tomorrow night for the opening reception.

This show will run from 1/8/2010 to 1/29/2010. For those who are excited as we are here are the details about tomorrow night:

Gallery 1988
7020 Melrose Ave. (corner of Melrose Ave x La Brea Ave.)
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Hours: 7PM – 10PM

We’re very excited to see our friends Martin Hsu and Misha showcasing their art with other amazing works! See you there!


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