Bar Food is the new MacLaren’s

“What is MacLaren’s?” you may ask. It’s the fictional pub that Neil Patrick Harris and friends hang out at in the comedy sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” We have always been huge fans of the show, and have been searching for almost a year for own little MacLaren’s heaven here in Los Angeles, and after tonight we have found it. A place to drink, relax, get some awesome food, and have some adventures. (Okay, not sure about the “adventure” part of this place yet, but it’s coming, we’re sure!)

“Bar Food” (straightforward naming. Gotta love it) has been on our radar for a while, since it is literally down the street from our house, but after romping about Venice all day, we craved food, beer, and something close to home, and remembered the rave reviews we had read about this place on Caroline On Crack’s blog. This place is actually a stone’s throw from our home, near the Brentwood side of Wilshire (Near Wilshire and Bundy).

The sign at the hostess stand said to sit anywhere we liked, and we made a mental note that procuring a regular table would be made that much more simple due to this rule. We were already mentally moving in.

The soft ambiance and cheerful waitress that served us made the experience that much more pleasant, as we were informed that hot dogs were free until 7PM, and the Happy Hour menu was more of a permanent pricing plan than time-sensitive discount. Glorious.

The hot dogs and buns were run-of-the-mill (If only they would GRILL the buns, it would boost the flavor x2!! Garlic and bacon bits go a long way, too), but for the price of ZERO dollars, can you really gripe?

We ordered the Bar Blonde and the Bar Amber ($3.50 each… am I dreaming??), which are both from Firestone Walker’s collection of delicious bears… I mean beers… They have a large collection of beer’s on tap, and a whiskey menu as well (The old man in me will have to review that at a later date), and SO MANY DELICIOUS ITEMS on their food menu as well!

Not the “bar food” that we’ve become familiar with at Applebee’s, Bar Food serves up UK style gastropub delicacies. Additionally, it’s perfect for large groups as there is a TON OF SEATING. Who knew you COULD have it all in Los Angeles!? Thank you MacLaren’s–err we mean Bar Food!

Free hot dog comes with mayo, ketchup, onions and a big smile from the server! (No, they don't treat you like some cheapskate crazy if you ask for multiple=
Free hot dog comes with mustard, ketchup, onions and a big smile from the server!

Spicy Tuna with spicy mayo sauce, on a bed of crispy rice, and a side of Sweet Frites fried to perfection!

The Steak and Kidney pie was delish! It doesn’t look that large, but it is DEEP! It was difficult getting this monstrous dish finished up!

A $6 burger, which was fit for the price, and delicious to boot!

In short, we am very, very pleased we found this gem near our house, and have dubbed thee “MacLaren’s.” Hopefully the Irish owner, Jason, doesn’t mind too much. If anyone wants to come here and have a bite, fun talk with friends, and tasty beers, give us a call! We shall be bringing all of our friends here shortly!!

Bar Food’s website and full menu

12217 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Mon-Sun 5PM-12AM
Bar Food’s Twitter


4 thoughts on “Bar Food is the new MacLaren’s

  1. Sounds like a great place. Free hot dogs, and a “permanent” Happy Hour? Plus, relative freedom to develop having a regular table?

    You certainly seem to have a knack for discovering the best places in LA.

    One of my friends back home in NY who’s fairly obsessed with He-Man was totally envious of the exhibition, and of Chubby Bunny’s costume.

    I miss English pubs. They’re really one of the only things I miss about England. Excellent atmosphere, and what few things I could order on the menu were usually quite good. Is “Bar Food” nice and quiet like a real English pub, so you can actually have conversations with your friends? Or is it loud like most American bars, so that conversations are difficult and you walk out at the end of the night with your ears ringing?

    • It’s the bees knees for friendly convo… but the music is really kickass! Forgot to mention, that I knew it was love at first bite when I heard FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS play!!! YESSSS. No crappy top 40 music here, thanks ❤

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