We Are Under The Influence of He-Man

As we announced to all of our readers, on Friday night, we succried over to Gallery 1988 for the “Under The Influence: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” opening reception.

It is to no surprise that the show was INCREDIBLE! Our very own Chubbybunny geared up in Prince Adam of Eternia outfit. This outfit was well welcomed by many of the fans of He-Man, and Seth Green who was in attendance gave her an audible approval.

Outside Castle Greyskull, Chubbybunny is Prince Adam of Eternia

When we arrived, there was an exceptionally long line down the block! You could feel the excitement of He-Man enthusiasts of all ages. We have it on good authority that many dedicated fans poured in throughout the night to support the show!!

The Line outside G1988

Gallery 1988 must be commended on their excellent job in curating this show. The entire space was redone to resemble Castle Grey Skull. To one side was a replica of the very image of the castle in which Prince Adam transforms into He-Man! We congratulate G1988 in bringing back our beloved childhood nostalgia in such a great way!

The design however, cannot over shadow the amount of effort and energy all the people involved have put into this event. There were so many great artists with great pieces in this show such as our friends: Martin Hsu, Misha, and Camilla D’errico!!

"Skeletor was OG" by Meggs

This piece by Meggs was one of our favourties of the show.

"DUO 1" by Ayami Kawashima

Ayami Kawashima had four pieces in the show which were some of Yume Ninja’s favourties.

"Black Velvet Skeletor"

Our friend Misha had two pices, one of Skeletor, and one of He-Man, that were painted on Velvet. We have to give her props here for having the amazing powers of being able to paint on Velvet! Also, we can’t fail to mention that she handed out loads of “Team Skeletor” and “Team He-Man” stickers all night in parody of the Twilight Saga. For the record, Skeletor won with a whopping 49 to 25! We both were obviously some of the members of TEAM HE-MAN!

Martin Hsu with his painting of The Sorceress

Martin Hsu with his painting of The Sorceress

He-Man, She-Ra, and the Masters of the Universe toys from Mattel

Some of the He-Man & The Masters of the Universe, along with She-Ra: Princess of Power toys were on display at the show as well. Yume Ninja distinctly remembers having a few of these toys and romping about the house pretending to be She-Ra! Infact, she even dressed up as She-Ra for Zippercut’s Haters & Crusaders Party last year!

We both thoroughly enjoyed the event, and suggest that anybody in the vicinity of Los Angeles please go see this show. The show runs until January 29, 2010 so hurry up.

The Power of Greyskull compells you.

For more pictures from this event please go to our FLICKR (located on the side)!

Thank you Gallery 1988, and go forth with the Power of Greyskull.


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