LeBasse Projects Presents: Yoshitaka Amano’s “Deva Loka”

Yoshitaka Amano fans, get ready to GEEK OUT and get DRESSED UP!

LeBasse Projects has just announced that they will be bringing Yoshitaka Amano‘s latest collection, “Deva Loka” to Los Angeles!

candy_girls_15 swan candy_girls_2

If you are unsure who this GOD AMONG MEN is, then please take a moment to Google his name. We guarantee you will find yourselves going, “Ohhhhhhhh MYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDD!” For us here art Bubble Punch, we grew up loving, cherishing, and in awe of Amano’s work he did for the Final Fantasy game series, as well as the beautiful illustrations he did for the Vampire Hunter D novels (吸血鬼ハンターD).

White Koibito Vinyl Figure

Koibito vinyl figurines by Yoskay Yamamoto. Photo courtesy of http://www.yoskay.com

If you’re familiar with his work, we’re sure you’re one of many just dying for an excuse to bust out the scissors and get to work on some epic Amano-style cosplay… Well, now’s your chance!

LeBasse Projects has kindly invited Bubble Punch to host the Yoshitaka Amano cosplay contest! There will be exclusive prizes for all of those who come dressed in Amano-inspired cosplay! If we think you’re the very best Amano cosplayer of the night, you could be the lucky winner of 1 of only 150 of Yoskay Yamamoto‘s White Koibito figurines (estimated value $160)! These figures are completely sold out in stores and almost impossible to come by! Please note that the cosplay competition is open to anyone, however please DO NOT bring weapons nor large props to the event, as they will not be admitted, nor will there be appropriate space at the gallery to keep visitors at a safe distance.

Yoskay’s imaginative and inspiring artwork will also be featured that night, so get ready for a night of colorful cosplay, amazing artwork, and hey, free drinks!

If you have any questions about the cosplay contest, please feel free to contact us, or leave a comment!

LeBasse Projects presents:
“Deva Loka: Los Angeles” A Solo Exhibition by Yoshitaka Amano
February 20th – March 13th, 2010

Opening reception: Saturday, February 20th, 7pm-10pm
6023 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 | LeBasseProjects.com | 310.558.0200

You can RSVP for the event on Facebook here!

“best” costume gets a Yoskay Yamamoto limited edition White Koibito

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