SugarPill For Your Makeup Obsession

And now for something completely different…

With this sort of package label, it's hard not to be excited.

Our friend and talented artist extraordinaire Shrinkle, recently launched her long-awaited makeup line, Sugarpill. For those who aren’t in the know, Shrinkle (also known as Amy) is the blue-haired, brightly clothed, and neon-makeuped maven behind the Shrinkle clothing line.

Sugarpill was the official makeup line used during the Hello Kitty Fashion Show, and a few of us got to be guinea pigs on and off the runway. Only a handful of people were lucky enough to preview this line during Sanrio’s Hello Kitty Three Apples events. We should also mention that a few of our friends nabbed samples during last years’ New People building opening in San Francisco.

Contents: A Love Note, 4 Pressed Eye shadows, 10 Loose Eye shadows, and 6 Glittery Sugarpill stickers! This is a package for two so there are two sets of each color ❤

Bubble Punch received some of the pressed eyeshadows in its unofficial multi-color palette form (which is not pictured, as it is not currently offered on the website). It did contain a majority of the pressed eyeshadow colors, and we have both been using the product for about 3 1/2 months now with great success.

Metallic Glitter Pink Stickers included in our package

The colors we received in this package (2 of each) are as follows:

Sugarpill Makeup Madness

Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows: Goldilux, Magpie, Absinthe, Decora, Tiara
Pressed Eyeshadows: Butter Cupcake, Poison Plum

Overall product and effort/love put into Sugarpill 5/5: This makeup is definitely a labor of love for Shrinkle, and it shows. No detail was lost upon creating this product. We commend Shrinkle for being conscious of her diverse consumers and offering some vegan friendly makeup. Although not all of her makeup is vegan friendly, she does deliberately mark which products that are vegan friendly on the website. The makeup is also made and packaged in California and is cruelty-free.

Back of the Pretty Chromalust Box with information.

Product Packaging 5/5: Shrinkle has definitely kept the packaging to close to her own identifiable style. Miss Kika did the wonderful art for the packaging. Each product container has the Sugarpill logo etched into the cap. We love the boxes, but sadly, don’t have room to keep them.

Not just cute packaging, but also cruelty free.

Pressed Eye Shadows 5/5: If  you love opaque and bright colors, we say Sugarpill has a lot of competitors beat. There are plenty of reviews and comparisons between our other favorite brands like Mac & Makeup Forever, which are available on the Sugarpill website. Because those have been done, we did a comparison between another of our favorites: Ben Nye’s Lumiere Grand Color Palette.

Each eyeshadow was swiped only once onto Yume Ninja’s primer-covered hand with a clean Q-tip. As you can tell, the Ben Nye eye shadows have a bit of a shimmer to them and Sugarpill is much more matte.

The Ben Nye eyeshadows are not as opaque, and also become more visible when a flash was used. Even on a Q-tip, the Sugarpill eye shadow came off more even and cleaner, so imagine how this would show up when using brushes!

Chromalust Loose Eyeshadow 5/5: Thus far we’ve only had about 5 colors to experiment with, so we can’t say this applies to all 11. However, the results have been overwhelmingly in favor of their consistency and vibrancy.  Each color comes in it’s own 4 gram container with the Sugar Pill logo etched on the cap.


Even with our different skin types and coloring, the loose eye shadows still held on to their brightness.

Chromalust Swatches, Bathroom/Vanity lighting with Flash

Chromalust Swatches, Bathroom Vanity Lighting NO Flash

Price 4/5: In these economic times, spending $12 on eyeshadow may be a bit harsh for some people.  It’s definitely not, however, the most expensive eyeshadow on the market. We’re also aware there are plenty other indie makeup brands which cost significantly less. However, in Sugarpill’s favor, the makeup quality is comparable to well-known brands (Makeup Forever and MAC). This makes the $12 price more than fair for a 4 out of 5 rating. Mac eye shadows are $14.50 pressed/$19.50 loose, and MUFE is generally $18-19 for approximately the same amount.

Shipping 5/5: At the moment, shipping is a flat rate of $5 on all USA Sugarpill orders (USPS Priority). For orders over $75, it’s free. That is a near unbeatable shipping policy. Sugarpill also ships internationally and provides their international shipping charges chart on their website.

In conclusion, we really can’t sing enough praises about Sugarpill. And if you don’t believe us, you can find equally rave reviews from various makeup gurus on YouTube, or even just by Googling. The launch of Sugarpill was long awaited, and we’ve not been let down!! We’re definitely excited to see what else will be heading out of the Sugarpill lab in the future!


11 thoughts on “SugarPill For Your Makeup Obsession

    • hi Laura, at the moment Sugarpill Cosmetics is only available online at

      The prices are all in USD Dollars but you can easily convert them with That currency converter page.
      They come out to be about £7.5 eat.

      They also offer free international shipping to purchases over $75 (about £47).

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