Brawl Ball With A Side of Toast

March 13th, was a busy evening for Bubble Punch! We hopped from one end of town to another for events that night.

The night started at Japan LA, for a festive party was being thrown in honor of Mr. Toast! Artwork, plushies, and goodies in hand-drawn bags were the lure for this inventive artist party! Even Mr. Toast himself made an apperance to dance around the clock with his fans!

Awesome Mr. Toast decorations in the party space JapanLA provded next to their shop.

Chubby Bunny and Mr. Toast. WHICH ONE IS WHICH?

Over at Good Hurt, the cast of There Will Be Brawl convened to celebrate the last episode of their popular web series. Bubble Punch commandeered the event coordination of the night, for a night of fun.

Attendees spent the evening dancing to the talented DJ’s tunes, and watching amazing performances by the Megas and Yuki Shundo Dance Crew. To top it off,  there was a bit of beverage entertainment provided by the nurses (bartenders) at Good Hurt.

Vanessa Walton (left), Brawl photographer Greg DeStefano (center), and Joellen Elam AKA Princess Zelda (right) relax in the VIP room.

The Yuki Shundo Dance crew was amazing in this video game-themed dance performance that had the crowd roaring!

More photos from both events can be found on our Flickr here! or to the left on the side bar.

Thank you again to everyone who came out to the events!


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