Our Champion, Zac Posen

When Zac Posen was announced as the next collaborative Target designer, we pondered how he would compare to the various designers before him. There has been an overall mixed response from fashion bloggers about all of the collaborations.

McQueen’s designs were very casual and low key, Anna Sui was not made for girls who weren’t models, Rodarte was a bit sloppily styled and frumpy, and Jean Paul Gaultier had a mixture of hits and misses in his collection.

But when the Lookbook was released recently, hopes were high!  All of the looks were fun, flirty, and teasingly edgy. Most important of all, they were in cuts that flatter most women.

Of course the real challenge was to see how it translated from Models to real women. So we each set out to different Target stores to see if Mr. Posen was up to the challenge!

Yume Ninja in Red Two-Piece Ruffled Dress. $79.99 with out Ruffle Skirt.

The collection is quite diverse and consists of swimwear, casual, business friendly attire, and evening/party dresses. The priciest item is a red leather jacket at $199, and the thriftiest items are cute and casual tees at $16.99. This is the normal price range that we’ve seen from previous Target Designer lines.

Yume Ninja with the Ruffle Skirt attached.

By far, we think the must have piece of the entire line is the 2 Piece Ruffle Dress. The dress is available in Black or Red. Though it has a $79.99 price tag, it’s an exceptional deal. It is a 2 in 1 dress with a detachable hi-waist ruffle skirt. It’s the equivalent of 3 outfits (2 dress styles, or the skirt with different top!).

Do the math, that’s just under $27 for each different look you’d get.

Tuxedo Bodysuit, $34.99. Made from sweater material and very comfortable.

The Zac Posen collection definitely delivered a resounding win for the Target Designer lines. The construction, the detail, the fit, all of them just as flattering as in the pictures. The amount of thought put into the collection is amazing, it’s apparent that this collection was designed with the Target shopper in mind.

Tuxedo Jacket, $49.99. DETAILS DETAILS. Perfectly tailored and the details were gorgeous.

In the end, we both came home with our individual Posen treasures. Now all we have to do is have a party so we can wear our items!

Other Items we enjoyed were:

Snap Tape Dress in Navy, $69.99

Low-V One Piece Swimsuit, $34.99

Zac Lipstick Tank, $16.99

Ruched Skirt, $34.99


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