Pretty Dresses All in A Row…

This past weekend, we were excited to attend “The Dress Show,” a group exhibition showcasing artistic takes on clothing, and also to support our own Chubby Bunny in her first ever gallery exhibition.

“The Dress Show” was curated by Dawn Anderson, and held at Pehrspace Gallery located in Silvelake, CA. The collective of pieces there ranged from whimsical and dainty, to extreme and, literally, barb-wired!

If you’d like to read more about how Chubby Bunny created the outfit, and her feedback on it, you can check out her blog.

The show continues for the rest of the month, so please contact Pehrspace for their opening times!

Chubby Bunny's elaborate garment, titled "Cirque du So Lame."

More works can be seen after the jump!

You can view more photos from the event on Bubble Punch’s Flickr set!


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