The Haus of Super Shimmer: Walk Off, It’s On!

Get ready, it’s coming at you!

Haus of Super Shimmer, a spectacular magical weekend of fun (click for full size)

Facebook Event RSVP Here

We know you guys were disappointed that we had to postpone our Zoolander Walk Off party earlier this month. However, instead of just one night, we’re bringing you guys an entire weekend of fun!

Bubble Punch is proud to announce that we’ll be kicking off the weekend of Haus of Super Shimmer festivities at Space 15Twenty with our friends: JapanLA, Sugarpill Cosmetics, Jessica Louise, Audrey Kitching, and Chubby Bunny. That’s right, the Walk Off party is on like Donkey Kong! Mark the date on your calendars and dust off your Zoolander inspired outfits.

Come out and join us on June 4, 2010 for our Zoolander-inspired Walk Off party as we jump start a spectacular weekend of fabulous events. The entire weekend will be filled with fun events like exclusive 3-day pop-up shops, artist meet & greets, Hello Kitty photo ops, makeovers by Sugarpill Cosmetics, contests, and raffle prizes.

You can RSVP on the facebook page, but RSVP is not necessary.

Hope to see you guys there for a magical weekend of fun! And remember, we always encourage all our attendees to dress up in their most outrageous fashionable threads and have fun!


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