Walk Off Party Prizes!

Are you all working on your Zoolander-inspired outfit for the Walk Off Party tomorrow?? Well, you’d better step it up a notch, because it’s time to announce the grand prizes!!

The 2 most “really really ridiculously good looking” people will each win a Hello Kitty Razor scooter, generously donated by Sanrio for the event! Be like Hansel and fling it around at your next “VH1’s Male Model of the Year Award” ceremony!

Hello Kitty Razor Scooter

If you’re still struggling for ideas as to what to wear to the event, check out some fun ideas after the jump!
Come as the main man himself in one of his many ensembles.

  • Blue shirt and pants (or white tank top)
  • Work gloves
  • Hard hart

  • Shiny blazer
  • Black Tie

  • Grey Vest
  • Yellow Long Sleeved shirt
  • Sunglasses
  • Grey sweatpants

  • Striped or patterned scarf around your head
  • Crazy sweater


  • Angel wings
  • Rockin’ bod

  • Brown jacket
  • Purple shirt
  • Hippie jewelry

  • US Flag pants (these are easier to find at Goodwill than you think!)

  • Furry jacket
  • white pants
  • gold shirt


  • Black corset
  • Fringe skirt
  • Boots and arm warmers

  • Nurse Hat (You an DIY this with a rectangular piece of white stiff fabric)
  • White corset or low cut shirt
  • White skirt
  • White gloves

  • Black jacket
  • red vest
  • white blouse with black tie
  • black gloves


  • Grey Sweater
  • “MUGATU” cut out in felt and pinned on
  • Black corset


  • Tan suit (From Kmart??? haha)
  • Glasses


  • “Balls Models” logo on any white shirt

Can’t wait to see you all at the party!


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