B. Awesome

If you weren’t at B. by Aperire’s “Fashion Night Out” Soiree last Thursday night on Melrose Ave, then we’re sad for you! You really missed out on something special.

We arrived early to ensure we could fully enjoy all the styles (and sizes) available before the rush. With 50%-80% off, there was sure to be a bargain-hunting-fashionista crowd at this event. The early birds gets the size 7’s!

Chubby Bunny, in early for maximum shopping success

Hiromi Tatsuda, designer for B. by Aperire definitely sold us on the comfort level of all these shoes. As the headline on their website says: “Heels that keep you moving from Hollywood to Tokyo”, and we believe it. It’s amazing and comforting to know that you can have fashionable footwear and not have to do that stumbling painful walk to your car after a night out. You know that walk ladies, the one where your feet feel like they’re exploding with every step.

Colorful shoppers trying on shoes as boxes begin to stack.

The night was filled with beautiful models, fashionable people, free red velvet cupcakes, contests… oh! and 50-80% off of their wonderful collection of shoes!! What more does a girl need, really?

Modeling Shoes in the Store Window. Hair by VOUS salon on Melrose Ave.

There were many fashion foward shoe enthusiasts in attendance. Thank you to the many shoppers of the evening came decked out in their fabulous outfits (and shoes)!

Stephanie decked out in white, black, and red!

Chrissa arrives in an awesomely bright outfit to scope the shoes!

Stephanie Nguyen holding Brandy (mint) and Blaze (blue/pink wedge). 2 of her 4 purchases!

It was definitely hard for both of us at Bubble Punch to pick from so many great shoes, eventually we buckled down to one each!

Yume Ninja with her Blues wedge boots in Grey.

Chubby Bunny with her Bongo Booties in Pink.

If you haven’t noticed the theme, you can totally tell a woman’s personality by the shoes that she buys! Stealthy Yume Ninja got a grey boot and Chubby Bunny, our resident spunky fun ball, got a hot pink bootie!

For more pictures from this event, please check out our Flickr!

A big thanks again to all of our friends and fans who attended this event and supported B. by Aperire.


4 thoughts on “B. Awesome

  1. Aww I love both of your shoes<3
    I regret not being there… It's always a struggle to find cute shoes that are size 5.5/6 shoes… 😥

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