Partying with Scott Pilgrim

For those who weren’t in the know, Scott Pilgrim had a Super Fun Party last week!

This way to the fun!

Marking the end of E3 in Los Angeles, Iam8Bit in conjunction with Universal Studios threw this bash. We were really excited to be invited. Nerd parties fuel us!

For those who don’t know, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is based off the comic “Scott Pilgrim” by Bryan O’ Malley. The movie is opening in theaters in August and the final volume of the comic is due out in July 2010

The film stars Michael Cera as the title character, who has to defeat his love interest’s 7 evil ex-boyfriends.

Drama! Action! Fighting! And Girls With Coloured Hair!

Keg Buffet! Who says Nerds don't know how to party?!

The party was not only super fun, it was awesome! There was an epic Keg Buffet with different varieties of beers and ciders to choose from. There was also a separate dance room, as well as a lounge area where people could play the unreleased video game.

The cups provided at the event also served as Scott Pilgrim Collector items. And for those who had to wait in line to get in, the Frysmith food truck was parked outside as to keep everyone warm and fed.

Yume Ninja running into Fellow Blogger Zippercut!

We ran into plenty of familiar faces at the party! Girls read comics too!

Taking the Robot Dance to a new level.

The Space Pirate Queen of!

Fun things to do at the party!

On a whim, we decided to also enter the raffle that was on going at the party. Various prizes included tickets to the premiere of the movie, regular movie tickets, and signed copies of all 5 Scott Pilgrim books. As fate would have it, Chubby Bunny won all 5 of the books signed by Bryan Lee O’Malley!!

This picture needs no words.

Bubble Punch!

We had such a blast at this party! We even got nice goody bags at the end of the evening that included a Character T-shirt (there were several different characters) and a movie poster!

Kudos to Iam8Bit and Universal Studios for putting on such an awesome party!

For more pictures from this event visit:

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