San Diego Comic-Con: Nerdius Maximus.

Well, friends, we have returned from San Diego Comic-Con. Stealing the headline from the Scott Pilgrim Campaign, it was definitely an “Epic of EPIC EPICNESS”.

Though we spent the majority of our Comic Con weekend working at the Munky King booth, we did manage to sneak off and enjoy the convention during our breaks. We additionally did take Sunday off work to enjoy a full day of Comic Con.

Work has turned us all into monsters.

My, my, there were plenty of people to be seen. Nix that, there was an unending wave of people. We spent the majority of Comic-Con witnessing the sea of people being herded like cattle around Warner Bros. booth. This may be due to a combination of celebrity signings as well as being located right next to gaming giants Capcom.

Concluding thoughts about Comic Con? The Scott Pilgrim marketing was freaking insane.

Scott Pilgrim Party. Bouncer Necessary!

There was a Scott Pilgrim themed food truck with free garlic bread. Having read the comics, we feel like this was unrelated to the comics. Can anybody confirm/deny Aside from the food truck, there was an exclusive Scott Pilgrim rooftop party with awesome schwag? The line was insanely long, and we commend those people who braved the line in the head. We desperately wanted to go, however by Sunday their doors had closed and moved on.

Here are some more random encounters from out wandering around at Comic-Con:

Greetings from Optimus Prime!

Oh My?! Oh yes! The Exclusive SDCC 2010 Sulu cologne!


TRON BOOTH!, perhaps the most hilarious MMORG

Yume Ninja and her beloved Naruto (Sage Mode)

Chubby Bunny at the Pokemon Booth. Can you tell which one is the Pokemon?


For all of our comic-con 2010 pictures, please check out our flickr album located on the left hand column.


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