Burgers And Bears, Oh My!

Yesterday, Bubble Punch, JapanLA, and Charm School helped kicked off the Rilakkuma Weekend festivities with a special VIP Party at Umami Burger in Los Feliz. To make sure the space was prepared for Rilakkuma’s arrival, we turned Umami Burger into a Rilakkuma & Mamegoma Paradise!!

Could this TV be any cuter?! Photo by LookBookLA

There wasn’t a corner that was left untouched by the San-X magic! Plenty of exclusive plushies from Japan were sent out for this very occasion.

The Invasion of San-X!

Even before the doors of the Los Feliz Umami Burger were opened, there was a long line of eager San-X fans waiting to be let inside! To their happy surprise, our first 100 lucky guests received exclusive San-X gift bags filled with goodies.

Who wouldn't accept gift bags from these two lovely ladies?!

But lets not dawdle too much on the gift bags, there were plenty of other things to keep the party thriving.  Inside, Umami Burger sent around trays filled with delicious treats ranging from fresh appetizers, to mini Umami sliders, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, cake balls by the ever popular Lil’ Rae Cakes! Rilakkuma himself was also present at the party, taking pictures with all his fashionable and enthusiastic fans.

Rilakkuma Arrives!

We were also honored to have Mr. Chida, the current Director of Liscensing and next CEO of San-X, present to help us with one of our 3 raffles of the night! He thanked all of the US fans for coming out to support the event.

Mr. Chida gives a fun speech to all the USA San-X fans.

Even the guests themselves were a wonderful spectacle. From Lolita fashion, to gyaru, to wonderful Rilakkuma themed clothing, all were present last night.

Kaytea of AnarchyintheJP, Yume Ninja, and Jamie of JapanLA

Onch in his very appropriate hamburger earmuffs

Stephiee of DollyBeast.com in her Korilakkuma Hoodie

For more pictures from this party, please check out our FLICKR located on the left column. Or you an go to LookBookLA.com to check out even more fun and fashionable photos from last night.

We’d like to thank all of the wonderful San-X fans who came out to support this event.  It was a blast, and we all hope that all of you who missed out, will come to Saturday night’s public party at the San-X Pop Up shop on Melrose Ave. and Fuller Ave!

See you there!


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