Sweet Tooth: Sweet Streets 2, The Opening.

Day One – Saturday’s Opening Reception Night

Gallery Nucleus gets very sweet. 6%DOKIDOKI & SO SO HAPPY Windows

Last Saturday night kicked Sweet Streets 2 with a carousel of fun, fashion, and food. If you couldn’t make it down for the opening reception last weekend, the Sweet Streets show will be showing at Gallery Nucleus until October 4, 2010. So please check it out before it leaves! There were a plethora of taletned artists from all over the world in this show.

Day 0: Bubble Punch & the Nucleus Staff at the space setting up and finalizing the contests!

Before the glitter and sparkle of the opening reception, 6%DOKIDOKI had their model casting on Thursday, September 9, 2010. All of our lovely finalists were invited for a private interview and fitting with Sebastian Masuda (designer for 6%DOKIDOKI), Yuka, and Vani. Though only eight of our finalists were able to make it, everyone at 6%DOKIDOKI were very pleased with their selected finalists, and found it hard to choose only a few.

Our 8 Finalists: Mandie, San, Chloe, Danielle, Bebe, Chrissa, Calla, and Ari, with Sebastian and the 6%DOKIDOKI Shop Girls.

Because it was so hard to choose only 4 from the finalists, they decided to go with 5 (FIVE) girls in an unconventional selection method!

Sebastian picked all of the winners by tapping each one on the shoulder! Look at their excitement!

That’s right! Sebastian chose an unconventional way to select his winners after the short casting interviews! The contestants all closed their eyes and he selected them by taping their shoulders!

The Lucky Winners:
Chloe Doan, San Smith, D++, Bebe Le, and Chrissa Villanueva

Saturday started early for us! All of the models, Sebastian, Yuka, Vani, Hihi Caro, Bubble Punch, and the Nucleus staff all were there early for last minute details and practice. The staff of Nucleus did a wonderful job setting up every single piece of art and arranging space and the runway for the show.

Practice those moves.

Makeup was provided by Sugarpill Costmetics. Our mua Candace and hairstylist Izzy work quickly on all the models.

Saturday night’s opening reception included not public viewing of all the art pieces at Sweet Streets, but a highly-anticipated bright fashion show by Japanese fashion brand 6%DOKIDOKI. The 5 models who won the 6%DOKIDOKI model contest got a chance to perform with the two 6%DOKIDOKI shop girls, Yuka and Vani. Fun and Fashion were the words of the evening.

Gallery Nucleus was packed wall-to-wall with guests. Everyone in their own fun and unique fashion, just admiring all of the wonderful art and dying to see the spectacle.

Vani dancing down the hot pink 6%DOKIDOKI runway during the show.

The fashion show certainly got the atmosphere and mood going.

All the girls dancing.

After the performance, the models rotated in shifts for live drawings.

Live Drawings. Picture by Dave Tada.

Pink Hair & Unicorns! Photo by Dave Tada

There was plenty of art that we adored as well. We were lucky enough to have known and met many of our favourite artists.

Art by Bei Badgirl

A painting which has completely inspired us at Bubble Punch. We love this painting!

By Nico, whom we both adore.

Yume Ninja's two pieces in the show.

A Shot of Chubby Bunny's piece for Sweet Streets. Photo by BigWhiteBazooka

Shannon Cottrell's piece of Yume Ninja for Sweet Streets

Other fashionable mentions from Saturday:

Chrissa, Ari, Julie. By Dave Tada

Bei Badgirl, Rae, Schy. By Dave Tada

Yume Ninja, The Gothicorn. Photo by Dave Tada.

Shrinkle, the woman behind Sugarpill Cosmetics. Photo by Dave Tada

Chubby Bunny. Photo by Dave Tada

Onch and Caro. Photo by Dave Tada

6%DOKIDOKI and Imi Dall of Electric Alice

Stay tuned for Sunday’s adventures!

For more pictures from Saturday please visit our Flickr set, located on the side menu.


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