Dokidoki my heart! The 6%DOKIDOKI Fan day and talk show

On Sunday, September 12, 6%DOKIDOKI hosted a fan day, which was lead by the brand’s owner, Sebastian Masuda.

Fans crowded around as Sebastian delved into his own brand’s image, and why he chose to start a brand based on “kawaii.”

His lecture included points about the development of Harajuku, as well as rare footage of Harjuku’s Omotesando pedestrian area in the 1970s. His primary insight into the evolution of Harajuku street fashion is that, although once flourishing with originality and DIY fashion, is actually now in a decline, because of the easy availability of cheap clothing, such as Forever21 and H&M. In retaliation, Sebastian has created 6%DOKIDOKI to bring back original kawaii to their shoppers!

6%DOKIDOKI fans lined up to listen to Sebastian's talk show!

Yuka & Vani are dressy from front to back as they greet fans.

After the lecture, 6% held a group Jan-ken-poi (or “Rock, Paper, Scissors” as we call it here in the states) competition to with special gifts from their brand! Everyone tried their best to win against 6% models Yuka & Vani. There were 4 winners in all! Congratulations to all the winners!



The entire weekend was a ton of fun, and brought together artists, Japanophiles, fashionistas, and fun lovers from all over! We appreciate all the guests and friends who have made this possible!

From left to right: Yuka, Yume Ninja, Chubby Bunny, and Vani!

Thank you to Caro, Gallery Nucleus, and 6%DOKIDOKI for inviting us to participate with event coordination and production for these spectacular events!

If you missed 6%DOKIDOKI in Los Angeles this past weekend, you can hang out with them TOMORROW at their big event in San Francisco! Check out the details here!

You can see more photos on our Flickr.

Below is some more coverage on Sweet Streets II! If you have any links that we’ve missed, please let us know by leaving us a comment!

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