Black in White and Red All Over

Earlier this month, we helped Munky King release the newest creation by renown artist, Luke Chueh.  “Black in White and Red All Over” was not only hugely successful for Munky King and Luke Chueh, but we were amazed at the level of dedication of Luke’s fans!!

The staff at Munky King got up bright and early on October 2, 2010 to decorate their store and gallery space with art and knives. Not to be out done, we showed up to help break a sweat. From blood stains, to knives, to bunnies bleeding all over, there was lots of decorating to be done.

However, no matter how early any of us showed up, Luke’s fans had all of us beat. The early bird line ran down the entire block. The first two fans in line even confessed to us that they had driven from Arizona and had been waiting since 7PM the night before!!! We admire that kind of love of art, especially because they waited not just through the night, but through a swelteringly hot Saturday.

More fans showed up for the evening party, and of course, to make their last minute purchase of the limited edition Black In White And Red All Over figures. The evening’s event also allow fans to chat up with Luke and admire the artwork that decorated Munky King’s gallery. And most importantly, it allowed them a chance to take pictures with not just Luke, but the Bunny Girl, Christy Marie. Her outfit was especially made for the event in honor of Luke’s limited edition figure.

“Inked” was one of Luke’s many paintings that hung at the Munky King gallery.

Bubble Punch with Bunny Girl (Christy Marie), and costume designer Jennifer Newman

Once again we’d like to thank everyone, all Luke’s fans, and all people who came out to not only support this event, but also to support Munky King!

For more pictures from this event, please look in our Flickr album on the side bar!

Until the next party, keep the fun alive guys!


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