Nerdy Inspiration!

If you haven’t gotten tickets yet, snap them up before they’re gone for the I ❤ Nerds Part this Saturday, November 13 at Barkar Hangar in Santa Monica! All the details are here in this post in case you forgot anything 🙂

So what are you nerd-loving fools wearing to this party? Don’t forget there will be PRIZES for the NERDIEST among you!!!

Here’s some inspiration for you all to keep it a cool-people-free zone this Saturday! Remember, there is way way more than just one kind of nerd!

Sanrio character nerd!

  • Sanrio character costume (You can be Hello Kitty with one of the official Hello Kitty x Chubby Bunny Bow headbands available for purchase here!)
  • Glasses
  • Pocket Protector or bow tie for good measure!


Steve Urkel from Family Matters

  • Glasses with neck strap
  • Super high-waist pants with 4inches above the ankles, and suspenders
  • Striped polo shirt
  • Super annoying laugh (HEH-HEH *SNORT*)


Mary Katherine Gallagher

  • Glasses and slicked back hair with a headband
  • White blouse, vest, plaid skirt, knee highs
  • Arms above your head screaming “SUPERSTAR” every 5 seconds

Harry Potter Nerd

  • Glasses
  • Cape of Invisibility
  • Striped scar/ Striped necktie
  • White blouse
  • Magic Wand
  • Annoyingly long list of incantations from the books to say all night long.

Comic/Sci-Fi Nerds

  • Cyclops aka Scott Summers: Raybands with yellow tape around edges, blue shirt, yellow belts around shirt, “X” taped onto a circle and pinned to shirt
  • Jordy La Forge: Banana clip over eyes, yellow shirt, Star Trek insignia, the power of awesomeness.

Anybody from Lord of the Rings, including glasses-version Frodo

  • Glasses
  • Cape
  • One or all of the following: Sword, axe, point ears, pointy shoes, vest, flowy blouse, armor

Spaceballs version of Darth Vader

  • Giant Helmet (can be spraypainted upside down bowl or plastic trashcan)
  • Glasses
  • Black Cape

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