Love is Relaxing

Success! We’d love the thank everyone who made it out to JapanLA‘s new location for the San-X Rilakkuma Valentine’s Day Party!

We saw many new and familiar faces! We hope you all had as much fun as we did, and hope that everyone had their chance to party, browse goods, and make personalized Rilakkuma Valetine’s Day cards with Rilakkuma!

On Saturday, February 12, to celebrate love and a new bigger store in style! JapanLA recently relocated around the corner from Fuller at Melrose Ave, to a bigger, more visible location right on Melrose Ave! So how could we not let Rilakkuma and his San-X friends throw a love-themed party for everyone?!

Special Lil' Rae Cakeballs in the Rilakkuma Theme!

As always, Rilakkuma showered his fans and friends with gifts, exclusive items at the store, and his guest appearance for the evenings festivities. Our friend Jenny Rae of Lil’ Rae Cakes even made special Rilakkuma cake balls for the morning events.

You can bet that they were devoured with in seconds.

free food & gifts? whisper the password!

Many of Rilakkuma’s fans were there from the early hours of the morning, eager to shop and whisper special passwords (sent via facebook, twitter, and mailing lists) to receive free gifts and food items from our respective food trucks (Crepe n’ Around & The Grilled Cheese Truck).

4 Rilakkumas for Glenn Coco, You Go Glen Coco!

Rilakkuma, though still only building his lovable notoriety here in the States (I mean he HAS thrown about 3 awesome parties!), definitely has some awesome fans. Daniele Firenze (Mean Girls) even popped in to browse the selection of San-X goodies, among others like Jose Stevens (Married to Rock).

Lovely Ladies: Jenny, Jesse Jae Joplin, Chubby Bunny

The evening events were also not to be overshadowed by the early morning’s favorable reception. Rilakkuma made his guest appearance for photos, and brought a DJ to get the party pumping!

So many people came in their best outfits, Valentine’s Themed and all! Rilakkuma sure knows how to get his fans out and about while having a great time!


Bubble Punch, photo by Shannon Cottrell/LA WEEKLY

For more photos from this event please visit:

Our Flickr (On the sidebar)
LA Weekly Slideshow

Official photos will be available at:

San-X Facebook Fan Page

So thanks again everyone who made it out on Saturday! If you haven’t been to JapanLA’s new store, they are opening with new hours! You can still make your own Rilakkuma Valentine’s Day cards! Hurry up and go!


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