Glitter and Bubbles: Magical Girls Exhibition Opening

On April 1, 2011, we transformed into our magical personas and invited everyone to celebrate the opening of Magical Girls, curated by Sweet Streets.

Magic Level Up!

With the help of our team,  Meltdown Comics gallery space was refashioned into a sparkling setting, fit for a Magical Girls themed show. It was completed with a “Mickey Mouse Pink” stage for the musical guests.

Thanks to the hard work of Caro (Sweet Streets), wonderful “Magical Girls” inspired art from various international artists were made available for display. Renowned artists such as Camilla D’errico and Junko Mizuno were participants. Talented artists from Shibuya Girls Pop were also featured, all of them from Japan. Here’s a peek at a few of our favorite pieces:


Akira Ebihara


Miss Kika



The evening’s schedule also included large live painting pieces by Shibuya Girls Pop artists.

(left to right) Sayaka, Shinjuko, Eimi, and Hiroshi all giving a hand to create stupendous oversized pieces! Photo by @meltdowncomics!

We also had the pleasure of introducing the amazing bands The Lady Spade and The Aprils to the U.S.! Check out these amazing photos and videos!


Alice to Gizelle & Tiffany of Lady Spade performing "Black Magic"

Wowing the crowd with their stage presence.

The Aprils waving their rainbow LED wands to pump up the crowd.

Special Guest Performance: Panda Tone Gloomy Panda

The Lady Spade thrives on fun cosplay-style costumes and anime-themed songs, with an emphasis on sexy dance routines and tons of fanservice!

Headliner The Aprils rock their electronic sounds with samplings from old video games, and collaborative creative efforts with the Gloomy Bear creator Mori Chack!

We were so excited to M.C. the cosplay contest along with Tavuchi, owner of the fairy kei Japanese brand “SPANK!” She judged our many contestants and eventually picked out the ones she liked best! Thank you for everyone who came dressed up in their magical best!

On Saturday, April 2, Bubble Punch helped out with the special Meet & Greet and listening party event at JapanLA! The bands The Lady Spade and The Aprils were on hand to DJ the afternoon event, as well as take photos, sign autographs, and let fans hear their awesome CDs and view thier latest music videos!

Special Jenny Rae Cake Balls for JPOP Listening Party: Rainbow Gloomy Cake Balls!

Panda Tone Gloomy meets Shrinkle!

The Aprils & Lady Spade at their special signing.

Thank you everyone for coming out to party to witness amazing art, talented musicians, and wickedly fashionable fans at all of the events this past weekend!

More Photos & Event Reports! (Let us know if YOU have photos, videos, or event recaps from these events and we can list you here, too!)

The rest of BUBBLE PUNCH’s photos on our Flickr: Magical Girls’ Art Opening & JPop CD Listening Party

Official photos by Dave Tada

LA WEEKLY article by Liz Ohanesian, photos by Shannon Cottrell

Great video of the ambience from the event by artist Shinjuko!

More video of Friday’s Jpop CD Listening Party and signing by Shinjuko, with special Gloomy Bear surprise ending!

Photos: Locketship

Photos: SupahCute

Photos: Ian Irizarry


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