Sugarpill Power Up!

Last weekend we had the amazing opportunity to lend a helping hand to Sugarpill Cosmetics at their IMATS: Los Angeles debut.

Artwork by Miss Kika, official artist for Sugarpill Cosmetics!

IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) is the largest cosmetics and makeup artistry trade show in the world. They hold conventions in some of the most amazing international cities like: Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, London, and Sydney.

Booth Babes? More like Sugarpill Sirens! Left to right: Chubby Bunny (BP), MessWithTess (MUA/Hair Stylist), Yume Ninja (BP), and Shrinkle (Sugarpill CEO)

We reviewed Sugarpill’s glorious highly-pigmented pressed and loose shadows last year, and we continue to love and stand by them.

Shrinkle (Amy), the mastermind of Sugarpill Cosmetics, with her customized Sugarpill necklace for IMATS. Photo by Shannon Cottrell.

Color is definitely ‘in’ when it comes to makeup, but Sugarpill’s unique rainbow of matte and sparkly shadows is hard to replicate.

For $12 a pop, or as the lucky attendees of IMATS discovered: $8.40 a pop (30% discount), it’s no wonder we were having trouble keeping stock of the colors.

Lets get back to our IMATS adventure, shall we?

We trotted up to Oakland to work alongside the Sugarpill the week before IMATS to help build their undeniably cute booth.

The Sugarpill Booth on IMATS 2011 LA Pro Night!

The booth itself, was an experience! To say that building it was ‘hard work’ would be an understatement. The amount of vision, effort, and details that we all (Bubble Punch’s labor, and Sugarpill’s creative vision) invested in booth really states the quality and care that Amy puts into her makeup and her brand.

The army of Sugarpill lovers that kept us on our feet the entire weekend! We love you all, and big thanks to Kryolan who were saints in putting up with the crowd control.

The entire weekend can be summed up in these two words: Magically Intense!
All of us were busy taking orders, helping out the fans, and taking pictures. There was hardly a moment to sit and sip water. I’m sure plenty of our readers and Sugarpill fans can attest to the craziness.

Stocking Up! It was hard to keep up with the high demand of Sugarpill fans. Some people came back multiple times to check up on our stock.

IMATS itself was buzzing with lots of eager shoppers and makeup fanatics ready to devour all of the sights and sales. Plenty of the booths, including Sugarpill, were having 20-40% off sales for IMATS. There were student makeup competitions, guest speakers, and special classes for those wanting to learn, and even Beautylish threw a cute cupcake bash one night.

Sugarpill's booth was home to a few familiar YouTube faces like Queen Of Blending (above left) and Petrilude. We even had special appearances from Xsparkage, JazzieBabyCakes, MacNC40, and PurseBuzz through out the weekend.

On Sunday we were lucky enough to pick up a few of OCC’s Lip Tars (they lived up to their reputation!). Our friend and YouTube guru, JazzieBabyCakes, introduced us to the mesmerizing holographic lip glosses of Inglots. We wish we had more time to poke around Makeup Forever and the other wonderful booths, but alas, our hours were booked up.

Misty Maven the gorgeous and sassy Drag persona of Petrilude, at Sugarpill's booth. Misty received a special purple Surgapill logo necklace.

Were a mixture of relief and sadness when IMATS came to a close on Sunday. We had so much fun helping pimp the Sugarpill booth, making new friends, seeing old ones, and gobbling up gorgeous makeup. If you missed out on this year, be sure to come see us again next year – we promise it will be even bigger and better!

Tess, Lauren (Queen of Blending), and Chubby Bunny do a little celebratory sales dance.

Thanks again to all of our friends, readers, and fans who came out to not only support Sugarpill at IMATS, but Bubble Punch as well. We hope to see you all again next year, so be sure to book your hotels early! Next year promises to be bigger than ever.

Thanks from Sugarpill and Bubble Punch, xoxo

Need More Pictures? Lucky for you, we have them for you:

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Shannon Cottrell

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