8 Bits of Satisfaction

On Thursday, August 11, the newly renovated iam8bit offices opened their doors to a crowd of game-loving self proclaimed nerd-sters to celebrate the opening of their SUPER iam8bit show and the release of their artbook of the same name. In classic iam8bit style, the fans turned out in hordes for this amazing event.

Not only is iam8bit famous for their retro gaming-inspired art shows, but they are also the brains behind the production of high profile geek-events such as the Street Fighter video game release parties, and the Scott Pilgrim party (like, MONTHS before the movie was event released to theaters).

iam8bit's newly renovated offices. Look for the giant "8" on West Sunset Blvd in Silverlake!

Their new offices are a little deceiving, with a decent sized front “store” space where one can buy art, prints, their book, and a collection of carefully selected or commissioned nerdy items (video game mascot hats, official “Nerdy is Sexy” Tees, & iam8bit headphones, just to name a few). As you walk towards the back, a door leads to a huge warehouse-like space, where fans were checking out the awesome art and amazing installations, challenging themselves to beat the top store of Galaga, watching live art paintings, and boppin’ to the music spun by our buddy DJ R-Rated (he’s spun at multiple Bubble Punch events before <3).

The crowd and the world's largest "arcade cabinet" in honor of Galaga's 30th anniversary!

Check out pics of the artwork, superfun installations, peeps and report after the jump!

A beautiful piece of Zelda and Link, titled "Zelda's Slumber: Dreaming of the Kiss," by Rich Pellegrino.

"Smell the Power Glove," by Carlos Ramos, who had quite a few pieces in the show.

A mashup of A Bathing Ape, and Donkey Kong, appropriately titled "Bathing Kong," by our buddy Martin Hsu.

Installation of FOR REAL floating items from the Zelda games!!!

Octorock and a bunch of tortise shells scurried around the floors all night! They were giant plushies attached to the tops of roombas. SO cute, but also a little disturbing to bump into.

Jim Mahfood being interviewed by Spike TV about his piece, "Super Funk Bros."

We were also pretty pleased to meet and chat with artist Dave Crosland, better known as King Gum, who did the kickass art for the official iam8bit event poster, contributed a sweet piece to the show, and also did a live painting during the opening party!

Dave Crosland posing next to his piece, titled "Running The Gridiron Gauntlet," inspired by Tecmo Bowl, one of the most infuriating NES games ever (might have something to do with the fact I didn't understand football rules when we were around 10 years old).

Dave working on his live painting. We love a dude in overalls.

The night included live performances by chip tune style musical guests Leeni and A_Rival as well, using the balcony space overlooking the crowd.

Leeni had some awesome vocals to add to her chip music set.

Did we mention there was a HUGE Galaga setup? If you were the top ranked scorer at the end of the night, YOU WOULD WIN the arcade cabinet, which was custom painted for the event!! A huge line up ensued, and many tested their mettle…!

Sir William Bradley takes a crack at Galaga goodness.

This vinyl sticker and the huge projection of the Galaga gameplay on the arcade machine made up the faux "world's largest arcade cabinet." Chubby Bunny realizes she cannot actually play the game by stepping on the sticker. Oops.

A staircase lead to their back “porch” area, which had a few curiousities of its own.

A photobooth area where you could slide the images of retro game characters in and out so you could put yourself in! Chubby Bunny doesn't make a very believable Princess Peach, though. Boo! Why does Toadstool look so pissed off in this illustration? haha.

A larger than life Atari joystick. What is UP!

It was a great party, as expected of our bros at iam8bit. We are really excited to see what other gallery shows these guys have lined up after this, as their space, energy, and awesome nerdiness never disappoints. Well done, guys!

The artwork will be on display until September 10th, and is free to the public!

As always, you can check out our plethora of photos from the night on our Flickr.

2147 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026
Supporting sopnsors: Galaga, Namco, forty seven communications, Blik Wall Graphics, Coba Aguas Frescas.


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