Clippity Clop! Creating Some Parade Magic in Norco

On September 6, Bubble Punch was invited to the Norco Labor Day parade to help add some magic toOnch Movement’s unicorn-themed carriage that was entered!

Mostly just for fun, we were happy to assist in throwing some magic sparkles and, duh, bubbles, to the mix to create a super fun entry for the parade that had kids chasing after us for candy and sparkles!


More photos and event report after the jump!

Norco, also known as Horsetown, USA, is an amazing little town located in the Inland Empire, about an hour east of Los Angeles, where everyone gets around via horseback! Instead of sidewalks, there are horsetrails all around town, and every local business is required to have a horse hitching area to “park” customers’ preferred method of transport: their horse friends!

The parade is made up of lots of local residents of Norco, who enter their horses, pets, school bands, and floats into the parade and throw candy into the crowd.

We were so lucky to have Martini Ranch Carriages let us ride in their amazing white carriage, pulled by the ever lovely Molly, who dressed up as a Unicorn for the occasion!

A full view of the carraige, being driven by Wendy, the owner of Martini Ranch Carriages!

Chubby Bunny (left) and the beautiful Jenny (in her JAW DROPPING hand made Unicorn Princess outfit) pose with Molly.

The entire team gathered to support Onch Movement! Left to right: Sandy, TJ, Caro, Kayla (of Happy Hoodie Friends who made the unicorn horns!), Onch, Jennifer Hull (who made her mini horse especially cute for the parade!), Chubby Bunny, and Jenny the unicorn princess!

We were excited to have Will Bradley on hand to take lots of cute photos during the parade! CHeck out this other carriage from the parade! Fit for... well.. a couple of princesses! Inside are a few of the Norco Beauty Pageant Winners!

Did you know mini horses can pull their own carraiges, too? These guys were also part of our parade troupe! Caro is ont he left reaching for candy to throw to the kids! She was in charge of the beautifully huge dog for the parade!

There were even some colorful dogs present at the parade too! Look at these cuties!

TJ and Jenny pose next to this amazing costumed parade entrant!

The parade was super fun and the people were so nice! We were sad that it was over around 1pm, but excited to check out the fair at the end of the parade trail! We ate a ton of food, took photos, and rode on SO MANY RIDES! It was good, old fashion fun!

Jenny, Chubby Bunny and TJ , flying on an intense fair ride!

Thanks so much for having us Norco! We defintely want to hang out there again soon!

There were SO MANY amazing photos that Will took for us at this event! Please take a look at the amazing horses, carriages, people, and rides on our Flickr set!





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