GREAT SCOTT! The Nike MAG Release Party!

SEPT 8, 2011 — Last night, the world waited in bated breath for… the FUTURE.

Marty McFly contemplates the original MAG shoes, in Back to the Future II.

In the totally awesome movie trilogy Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox’s character Marty McFly travels to the year 2015, and wears the Nike MAG shoe, which was often called “The Greatest Shoe Never Made.” Well no longer! NIKE says about the MAG shoes: It came alive, lit up and formed to Marty’s foot. The 2011 NIKE MAG shoe was designed to be a precise replica of the original from Back to the Future II. The aesthetic is an exact match, down to the contours of the upper, the glowing LED panel and the electroluminescent NIKE in the strap. The 2011 NIKE MAG illuminates with the pinch of the “ear” of the high top, glowing for five hours per charge.

Not only are these an almost inconceivable tangible creation of every 80s’ kids’ wet dreams, but these shoes were also made with a greater purpose in mind:

1500 pairs of the 2011 NIKE MAG will be auctioned on eBay with all net proceeds going directly to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Each day for the duration of the ten-day auction, one hundred and fifty pairs of the 2011 NIKE MAG shoes will be made available via eBay’s Fashion Vault. The auction starts September 8, 8:30PM PST, and will end September 18. Thanks to a previous 50 million dollar match given to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, all donations will be matched, effectively doubling the contributions from the auction.

With a worthy cause, an amazingly kickass shoe, and the supporting background of over 25 years of Back to the Future fandom, you can bet that Bubble Punch was on the scene to report on the opening party so that EVERYONE could experience this incredible event.

The slogan of the event was “IT’S ABOUT TIME,” referring to the overlying theme that the effort of the Nike AG was focused supporting research to provide a future without Parkinson’s disease.

The release party was held at the Monteblan theater in Hollywood, with a huge crowd of fans lined up down and around for blocks.Unfortunately, we heard that most people in line did not make it in 😦

Front of the theater, with Back to the Future playing on the screens.

Of COURSE the time traveling DeLorean was there! Bubble Punch's Chubby Bunny was able to attend the event, thanks to our buddy Jessica (right) who is an awesome friend.

Upon entering, a huge wall full of Nike MAGs was displayed in a darkly lit plexiglass case that stretched to the cieling, with only the lights of the MAGs shining through. (Don't worry, they light them up properly later, and we have photos!)

WAY TOO MANY photos after the jump, including presentations by Joel McHale, Christopher Lloyd, Tinker Hatfield, and more!

NIKE was selling limited edition ceramic replicas of the MAG. Having produced only 350 of these, and ONLY selling them at this event, these little guys are sure to be a huge collectors' item.

Throughout the Monteblan’s 2 tiered lobby, there were displays of props and costumes from the Back to the Future movies!

One of Doc's outfits, complete with metal glasses!

Retro posters from the movies.

One of Marty McFly's costumes

The almanac that CHANGED THE FUTURE! Stupid Marty McFly! Don't just TOSS a valuable book! BURN IT PROPERLY!


There was even a CAFE 80s REPLICA BUILT INTO THE LOBBY!!! SO cool!

BIFF'S FACE IS ON THE MONEY!! OMGGG!!! These were laying in the trays of candy on the bar... but we weren't allowed to take it ;.;

There was even a rad green screen photobooth where you can "ride a hover board while wearing MAGs!" Chubby Bunny poses appropriately! As close as you'll ever get to actually wearing them, unless you have about $10k to throw down on the real deal.

After milling about the lobby, we were all ushered into the theater area, where the crazy awesome events were about to unfold.

araabMUZIK performs an opening set, complete with 80s music from the Back to the Future movies. SO AMAZING.

And out steps JOEL MCHALE (From "Community" and "The Soup", but you already knew that right?)

Joel did a quick comedic intro to the event, and then introduced this fake "deleted scene" from the Back to the Future movies... Bill Hader assists Kevin Durant in buying a pair of Nike MAGS, when suddenly Christopher Lloyd stops in seeking the "self-lacing" sneakers of 2015. Oops. Wrong year, bro!

You can watch the full video of the deleted scene here!

A quick futuristic video displayed this, followed by, "An auction benefitting the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research."

And then.. CHRISTOPHER LLOYD CAME OUT!!! =D This is where the tears started to flow.

Joel joked, "It must be in your contract that everytime you make an appearance you have to appear in a bunch of lighting smoke."

Then, NIKE MAG designer, and all around LEGENDARY shoe engineer (he invented the original PUMP shoe!), Tinker Hatfield came out to be interviewed by Joel about the MAG. Tinker insists that these are the first generation of the MAG shoes, and by 2015, the REAL Nike MAG will be released with SELF LACING ABILITY just like in the movie! GO TINKER, GO!!!

Concept sketches for the shoe, depicting the scene where Marty McFly puts on the MAGs and steals a little girl's hoverboard.

Another concept sketch.

And then.. the moment we had all been waiting for... THE DEBUT OF THE NIKE MAG!!!!!

Michael J. Fox couldn't be at the event beacuse he was on David Letterman that night promoting the MAG and his foundation, but he did this quick and really moving video talking about Parkinson's and how we all can help contribute to ending this disease via research.

And then.. the MONEY MAKING portion of the night started..

First up, was an auction for a ceramic replica of the Nike MAG, signed by Nike designer guru Tinker Hatfield!

He even drew the famous clocktower!

And then. the main event…. a pair of Nike MAGs, which came complete with the futuristic case, and that would be SIGNED by Michael J. Fox!!!!!

Joel and a professional auctioneer begin the auction in earnest... well almost, as Joel suggests they start the bidding at 500 million dollars and is denied. Joel also offers that whoever wins the shoes will also receive a toy Labradoodle puppy from himself as well. Not sure if that panned out or not.

Sorry for the terrible blurry photo, but the WINNER of the auction was UK Rap musical superstar Tinie Tempeh, who won the auction at $37,500!! Did Joel give him the dog?

After the end of the auction, the Nike MAGs on the display wall in the lobby were lit up properly, to celebrate the “release,” and amazing photos were to be had.

I think everyone was resisting the urge to try and punch through the plexiglass covering to get some shoes, haha.

Close up of the MAGs.

Chubby Bunny poses with the MAGs.

The lobby was decorated with col spiraling lights that emulate the colors on the MAG.

Thanks to NIKE for putting on such a great event for such a worthy cause.

A TON more photos from the night can be found on our Flickr set from the night!

More info:
Nike MAG for sale on eBay, all proceeds going to Parkinson’s research.

More event reports:
Hollywood Reporter


Bubble Punch on The Web



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