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Bubble Punch generates buzz and enhances events in  Los Angeles with our creative and fun-loving approach to event production. We offer a variety of uniquely catered services such as: planning, coordinating, conceptualizing, or executing an entire event. Even just simply helping gain momentum by promoting events via various media and social media outlets.

Our collaborations with unique Los Angeles retailers, celebrities, artists, art galleries, and international brands has shown our creative versatility.

Inquires about our services should be sent to: bubblepunch@gmail.com


Blog: Iamchubbybunny
Store: Iamchubbybunny.com

Chubby Bunny, aka Michelle, has a lot of East coast tendencies, such as saying “pop” instead of “soda.” From her travels which took her to Japan for a number of years, throughout Asia, to finally land in Los Angeles, she’s slowly learned to say, “I don’t drink carbonated beverages.”

Taking up the reins of organization and scheduling for Bubble Punch, Michelle contributes to half of dynamic duo, using her skills as former editor of Gothic & Lolita Bible magazine to put their clients in contact with the who’s who of fashion, photography, and the media. Michelle also uses her magic wand to give unique takes on styling for sets for editorial & event photo booth use. On top of a soon-to-be short-lived cutesy modeling career, providing over-the-top hair styling/construction services for those in need, and offering personal shopping and styling services, this is one busy Chubby Bunny! She also owns and designs her own line of accessories under Chubby Bunny Accessories, which is famous for creating the iconic vinyl Hello Kitty bow headbands.

Blog & Portfolio: NinjaSovereign.com

Yume Ninja, Gothicorn and Ninja Sovereign.
A self-proclaimed nerd and lover of ninjas. Armed with her love of Jane Austen, Yoshiaki Kawajiri, creative vision, and inimitable style; this cute-loving goth is the art and design force behind Bubble Punch and all its creative endeavors.

Among artist, Yume has various other titles under her belt: graphic/web designer, creative director, photo retoucher, model, makeup & hair artist, blogger, and stylist.  Her bottomless inspiration, DIY attitude, and self-taught creative process constantly influences both those around her and ideas that spawn into unique events.

Most notably, Yume has modeled for painter Natalia Fabia; participated in group art shows with artists: Miss Kika, Luke Chueh, Bei Badgirl, Kukula, Yosuke Ueno, NICO, Thomas Han, and Misha; and styled for musical artist Kerli.


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