Munky King Unmasks The Omi

It’s the time again folks! San Diego Comic Con is creeping closer by the minute, are you guys excited? We sure are!

Munky King with the help of Bubble Punch, is unveiling their new OMI exclusively at their annual Comic Con Party! Not just any party, but a masked party! No, not a masque; we mean MASKS!!

The Omi is coming.

Attendees are encouraged (but not required) to wear masks. Or better yet, your comic con costumes!

The party will include giveaways, photo booth, live paintings by renowned artists, and music to ensure good times. The first 50 guests will also receive complimentary Munky King Swag Bags full of goodies.

So if you’re going to Comic Con, or just want to party, please do stop by Bar Basic!

Munky King presents “Omi Unmasked”
Thursday, July 22, 2010
9PM – 2AM
Bar Basic
410 Tenth Streeth
San Diego, CA

For more information & to RSVP, Please visit the Facebook Event Page

This fabulous party is sponsored by Vannen, Vinyl Pulse, and Silent Stage.

Hope to see all of you guys there!


Brawl Ball With A Side of Toast

March 13th, was a busy evening for Bubble Punch! We hopped from one end of town to another for events that night.

The night started at Japan LA, for a festive party was being thrown in honor of Mr. Toast! Artwork, plushies, and goodies in hand-drawn bags were the lure for this inventive artist party! Even Mr. Toast himself made an apperance to dance around the clock with his fans!

Awesome Mr. Toast decorations in the party space JapanLA provded next to their shop.

Chubby Bunny and Mr. Toast. WHICH ONE IS WHICH?

Over at Good Hurt, the cast of There Will Be Brawl convened to celebrate the last episode of their popular web series. Bubble Punch commandeered the event coordination of the night, for a night of fun.

Attendees spent the evening dancing to the talented DJ’s tunes, and watching amazing performances by the Megas and Yuki Shundo Dance Crew. To top it off,  there was a bit of beverage entertainment provided by the nurses (bartenders) at Good Hurt.

Vanessa Walton (left), Brawl photographer Greg DeStefano (center), and Joellen Elam AKA Princess Zelda (right) relax in the VIP room.

The Yuki Shundo Dance crew was amazing in this video game-themed dance performance that had the crowd roaring!

More photos from both events can be found on our Flickr here! or to the left on the side bar.

Thank you again to everyone who came out to the events!

A Night for Amano: Yoshitaka Amano’s “Deva Loka” at LeBasse Projects

Yoshitaka Amano is a name quite often associated with Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D; but before that, there was Gatchaman and Casshern. The series of glittery space-age paintings from his “Deva Loka” series seems to have a resounding display of this era in his life. With nearly ceiling-high paintings of Gatchaman characters, a newer series titled “Candy Girls”, and “Sisters”, this event showcased much of Amano’s 1960 – 1970s  style of artwork.

Saturday evening’s opening reception had a wonderful turnout of art lovers, collectors, Amano-fanatics, and stunning cosplayers. LeBasse Projects was in full swing as the multifaceted crowd wandered through its space in awe of Yoshitaka Amano’s “Deva Loka” series.

Cosplayers gathering at Amano's "Deva Loka" show. Costumers portrayed Deva Loka characters, Gatchaman, and Amano's popular Final Fantasy illustrations.

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Ants in the Pants about “Deva Loka”

So, we are pretty into Yoshitaka Amano, and we bet a lot of you readers are very excited for Saturday’s Deva Loka opening reception, but something tells us that perhaps you are not as excited as the guys over at Under Kings!

Take a look at some of their “Deva Loka” men’s unmentionables they have for sale. It could be yours for only 4,700 yen! Express joy about your favorite artist by putting his work as close to you as humanly possible.. haha…

After viewing these photos, we thought up the best response we could to this incredible creation of man.

In all seriousness, we hope to see you all at the opening reception! Here’s some hints on how best to figure out who we are…!

Chubby Bunny's inspiration

Yume Ninja's costume inspiration! Image courtsey of

LeBasse Projects Presents: Yoshitaka Amano’s “Deva Loka”

Yoshitaka Amano fans, get ready to GEEK OUT and get DRESSED UP!

LeBasse Projects has just announced that they will be bringing Yoshitaka Amano‘s latest collection, “Deva Loka” to Los Angeles!

candy_girls_15 swan candy_girls_2

If you are unsure who this GOD AMONG MEN is, then please take a moment to Google his name. We guarantee you will find yourselves going, “Ohhhhhhhh MYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDD!” For us here art Bubble Punch, we grew up loving, cherishing, and in awe of Amano’s work he did for the Final Fantasy game series, as well as the beautiful illustrations he did for the Vampire Hunter D novels (吸血鬼ハンターD).

White Koibito Vinyl Figure

Koibito vinyl figurines by Yoskay Yamamoto. Photo courtesy of

If you’re familiar with his work, we’re sure you’re one of many just dying for an excuse to bust out the scissors and get to work on some epic Amano-style cosplay… Well, now’s your chance!

LeBasse Projects has kindly invited Bubble Punch to host the Yoshitaka Amano cosplay contest! There will be exclusive prizes for all of those who come dressed in Amano-inspired cosplay! If we think you’re the very best Amano cosplayer of the night, you could be the lucky winner of 1 of only 150 of Yoskay Yamamoto‘s White Koibito figurines (estimated value $160)! These figures are completely sold out in stores and almost impossible to come by! Please note that the cosplay competition is open to anyone, however please DO NOT bring weapons nor large props to the event, as they will not be admitted, nor will there be appropriate space at the gallery to keep visitors at a safe distance.

Yoskay’s imaginative and inspiring artwork will also be featured that night, so get ready for a night of colorful cosplay, amazing artwork, and hey, free drinks!

If you have any questions about the cosplay contest, please feel free to contact us, or leave a comment!

LeBasse Projects presents:
“Deva Loka: Los Angeles” A Solo Exhibition by Yoshitaka Amano
February 20th – March 13th, 2010

Opening reception: Saturday, February 20th, 7pm-10pm
6023 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 | | 310.558.0200

You can RSVP for the event on Facebook here!

“best” costume gets a Yoskay Yamamoto limited edition White Koibito

Break out the Absinthe, Alice.

We had the pleasure of being invited to Royal/T’s “The Never Ending Story, Fairytale, Fantasy, Obsession” Exhibit last night.  It was not short of fairy tales, fantasy, or those obsessed with all things Goth-themed Alice, delicious treats, and Jared Gold related goodies!

The night was filled with colorful and creative outfits of various characters of the beloved “Alice in Wonderland” novels. Yume Ninja went geared up as the Red Queen from “Through The Looking Glass”, and Chubby Bunny went as nothing else but a beautiful White Rose painted red.

Chubby Bunny & Yume Ninja. Photo Courtesy of LA WEEKLY, by Shannon Cottrell

But what is a Gothic Alice in Wonderland themed party really, without the glorious cake?

Eat Me

Eat Me!

Polite In Public was gracious enough to man the photo booth that night. More photos of party go-ers can be seen on their online gallery from last night. They had the essential Wonderland-themed props and sexy Alices and a Queen of Hearts to round everyone up for fantastic photographs. You can also check out the article at LA Weekly by our  friend Liz Ohanesian and photos by Shannon Cottrell.

Beyond the fanciful attire and goodies to eat, Royal/T owner Susan Hancock was also giving out free spirit animal readings. We of course, had ours done. Turns out that Chubby Bunny is really a Fox, and Yume Ninja is a Hawk. It was all in good fun and right on the mark!

So to all our readers, if you get the chance, please scurry over to Royal/T to check our their current exhibit. It will run from February 05, 2010 to August 4, 2010! Also please check out the Jared Gold/Black Chandelier pop up shop! If you’re lucky you can also pick up some of the Jared Gold + Clint Catalyst (whom we both had the pleasure of meeting) Prize Ribbons. Yume Ninja particularly loves the “Hedonist” ribbon, but other equally amusing ribbons such as “EPIC”, “FTW”, and “QUEER” can be found in an array of colors.

Do enjoy this exhibit if you can, and once again thanks to Royal/T for inviting us out!

We Are Under The Influence of He-Man

As we announced to all of our readers, on Friday night, we succried over to Gallery 1988 for the “Under The Influence: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” opening reception.

It is to no surprise that the show was INCREDIBLE! Our very own Chubbybunny geared up in Prince Adam of Eternia outfit. This outfit was well welcomed by many of the fans of He-Man, and Seth Green who was in attendance gave her an audible approval.

Outside Castle Greyskull, Chubbybunny is Prince Adam of Eternia

When we arrived, there was an exceptionally long line down the block! You could feel the excitement of He-Man enthusiasts of all ages. We have it on good authority that many dedicated fans poured in throughout the night to support the show!!

The Line outside G1988

Gallery 1988 must be commended on their excellent job in curating this show. The entire space was redone to resemble Castle Grey Skull. To one side was a replica of the very image of the castle in which Prince Adam transforms into He-Man! We congratulate G1988 in bringing back our beloved childhood nostalgia in such a great way!

The design however, cannot over shadow the amount of effort and energy all the people involved have put into this event. There were so many great artists with great pieces in this show such as our friends: Martin Hsu, Misha, and Camilla D’errico!!

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