Sugarpill Power Up!

Last weekend we had the amazing opportunity to lend a helping hand to Sugarpill Cosmetics at their IMATS: Los Angeles debut.

Artwork by Miss Kika, official artist for Sugarpill Cosmetics!

IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) is the largest cosmetics and makeup artistry trade show in the world. They hold conventions in some of the most amazing international cities like: Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, London, and Sydney.

Booth Babes? More like Sugarpill Sirens! Left to right: Chubby Bunny (BP), MessWithTess (MUA/Hair Stylist), Yume Ninja (BP), and Shrinkle (Sugarpill CEO)

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Come Back Soon, Rilakkuma!

Sunday August 15, 2010 was the closing day of the Rilakkuma Weekend festivities. Fans, shoppers, and curious folks of all kinds dropped in on the last day to say farewell to Rilakkuma.

Early morning shoppers in the Pop-Up Shop. Photo by Neil Sharum

We couldn’t let Rilakkuma’s last day go out with style of course! In honor of the relaxing bear, a pop-up Japanese styled nail salon was set up to pamper guests at the pop-up shop. Special decorative nail seals and charms were provided by San-X. You can’t have Japanese styled nails with out the decorations!

Get your nails "did". Photo by Neil Sharum

Once the nail salon was up and running it got quite busy fast! People began to line up and sign up for their turn.

Chubby Bunny's pastel deco nails. Photo by Neil Sharum

Not one to let the guests go bored while waiting, two food trucks came to the rescue! Parked right outside the Pop-Up shop were the Yatta Truck and King Kone! Fresh and savory sushi for hungry fans, and sweet cold treats to counter the hot day.

Of course, in the usual style of JapanLA and Bubble Punch events; the first 50 people who gave us the correct password, received a free ticket for either truck.

Ninja's eat sushi, and so should you! Photo by Neil Sharum

Now if you’ve never had the Yatta Truck, we suggest you do! We also suggest you try their cream cheese roll. Epic is a word that falls short of it’s deliciousness! King Kone is no joke either! Try their regular soft serve with an array of toppings!

Rainbow Sprinkles, oh wow! OMG! Photo by Neil Sharum

And of course, the bear of the hour was there all day to thank his fans, new and old, for coming out to support his Relaxing Weekend!

Why, hello!

We can’t help but favor the tiniest of Rilakkuma’s fans.

Photo by Neil Sharum

Photo by Neil Sharum

Photo by Neil Sharum

Photo by Neil Sharum

Photo by Neil Sharum

And so he bid us adieu…

Until Rilakkuma’s next visit, we’d love to thank everyone, EVERYONE, who came out during the weekend! Thank you for all your support in making this event successful!

To see the entire photoset from this day, please visit:


Keep Relaxin’.

– Bubble Punch

6%DOKIDOKI’s Fashion Extravaganza: Model Contest!

In conjunction with the Sweet Streets Vol. 2 exhibition opening, Japanese brand 6%DOKIDOKI will be in attendance, showing off the latest looks from the streets of Japan. They’ll have a popup shop at the gallery, so fans can get a hold of their coveted items.

But if you’re itching to get even closer to the action, we have fantastic news for you! 6%DOKIDOKI in conjunction with Bubble Punch, will be holding a model contest!

Complete details about the contest can be found here!

We’re extremely excited to be participating in this awesome event! We hope that all 6%DOKIDOKI’s fans take the time to enter for a chance to be one of the models at this exciting fashion event.

SugarPill For Your Makeup Obsession

And now for something completely different…

With this sort of package label, it's hard not to be excited.

Our friend and talented artist extraordinaire Shrinkle, recently launched her long-awaited makeup line, Sugarpill. For those who aren’t in the know, Shrinkle (also known as Amy) is the blue-haired, brightly clothed, and neon-makeuped maven behind the Shrinkle clothing line.

Sugarpill was the official makeup line used during the Hello Kitty Fashion Show, and a few of us got to be guinea pigs on and off the runway. Only a handful of people were lucky enough to preview this line during Sanrio’s Hello Kitty Three Apples events. We should also mention that a few of our friends nabbed samples during last years’ New People building opening in San Francisco.

Contents: A Love Note, 4 Pressed Eye shadows, 10 Loose Eye shadows, and 6 Glittery Sugarpill stickers! This is a package for two so there are two sets of each color ❤

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