Spellbound at Perfectasy

Where can you find Unicorns, Mermaids, cute Lolitas, and deliciously realistic food-themed jewlery? At Onch Movement’s Perfectasy opening party of course!

Our friend Onch (OnchMovement.com) threw a fantastic opening reception for his month long pop-up shop at Royal/t cafe in Culver City, CA.

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Deliciousness in All Forms: LA Street Food Fest Preview & IOTA Cafe Review

On Thursday night, July 7th, we were invited to the media preview for LA Street Food Fest, which turned out to be so much more than just tons of delicious bites from vendors who will be participating in the big event on July 16th.

The event was hosted by the minds behind the LA Street Food Fest, Marcus Beer & Shawna Dawson (also of Sauce LA), as they MCed the night introducing the people and food involved in the upcoming Food Fest.

Held at the soon-to-be-open IOTA Cafe in Koreatown (They open sometime next week, we hear!) the newly finished space was abuzz with food bloggers and journalists, trying out the amazing dishes which will be served at the LA Street Food Fest from the Mighty Boba Truck, Glowfish Truck, and IOTA Cafe’s special items.

You might need to wipe the drool off your keyboards after looking at these photos. You have been warned!

Mighty Boba Truck was a first for us, and we were surprised to find out that they serve MUCH more than just boba teas! Founded by three childhood friends, Mighty Boba serves a delicious selection of Taiwanese food such as Taiwanese sweet sausage, Marinated Tofu steak, Sweet Butter Toast and Island Pork Chops. AND BUTTERMILK POPCORN CHICKEN. Yes. You heard me correctly. It is amazing. Thanks to Frances and Luca for being sweethearts and chatting with us about their food!

Mighty Boba Truck's Popcorn Chicken! A Taiwanese street food staple, this is their number one seller. It's slightly spicy, and deliciously crunchy. This was one of our favorite bites at tonight's event.

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Come Back Soon, Rilakkuma!

Sunday August 15, 2010 was the closing day of the Rilakkuma Weekend festivities. Fans, shoppers, and curious folks of all kinds dropped in on the last day to say farewell to Rilakkuma.

Early morning shoppers in the Pop-Up Shop. Photo by Neil Sharum

We couldn’t let Rilakkuma’s last day go out with style of course! In honor of the relaxing bear, a pop-up Japanese styled nail salon was set up to pamper guests at the pop-up shop. Special decorative nail seals and charms were provided by San-X. You can’t have Japanese styled nails with out the decorations!

Get your nails "did". Photo by Neil Sharum

Once the nail salon was up and running it got quite busy fast! People began to line up and sign up for their turn.

Chubby Bunny's pastel deco nails. Photo by Neil Sharum

Not one to let the guests go bored while waiting, two food trucks came to the rescue! Parked right outside the Pop-Up shop were the Yatta Truck and King Kone! Fresh and savory sushi for hungry fans, and sweet cold treats to counter the hot day.

Of course, in the usual style of JapanLA and Bubble Punch events; the first 50 people who gave us the correct password, received a free ticket for either truck.

Ninja's eat sushi, and so should you! Photo by Neil Sharum

Now if you’ve never had the Yatta Truck, we suggest you do! We also suggest you try their cream cheese roll. Epic is a word that falls short of it’s deliciousness! King Kone is no joke either! Try their regular soft serve with an array of toppings!

Rainbow Sprinkles, oh wow! OMG! Photo by Neil Sharum

And of course, the bear of the hour was there all day to thank his fans, new and old, for coming out to support his Relaxing Weekend!

Why, hello!

We can’t help but favor the tiniest of Rilakkuma’s fans.

Photo by Neil Sharum

Photo by Neil Sharum

Photo by Neil Sharum

Photo by Neil Sharum

Photo by Neil Sharum

And so he bid us adieu…

Until Rilakkuma’s next visit, we’d love to thank everyone, EVERYONE, who came out during the weekend! Thank you for all your support in making this event successful!

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Keep Relaxin’.

– Bubble Punch

LA Street Food Fest: At The End Of The Longest Line

The concept of this was simple: gather together as many food trucks as possible, add in a section for indie designers, invite some media, and let the food lovers roam. Unfortunately, organizers for LA Street Food Fest could not possibly anticipate the huge population of people who would want to come to this first-time event.

The cost of entry, at a mere $5, was a very welcoming fee for a gathering of food trucks. Each truck or food vendor had a menu of food items ranging from $1 – $5. To our own delight, and the delight of many, we suspect, there were lots of new food adventures to be had.

Fans line up for a taste of chicken from the one-time-only Ludo truck

Undoubtedly, Top Chef contestant Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s truck, which was hosted by Mobi Munch, was the favorite of the day. Ludo’s truck was serving up chunky fried chicken, infused with olive oil and rosemary, and also boasted one of the longest lines at the event. We were lucky enough to be in the line for only 30 minutes, and was offered a $1 coupon towards the $5 meal price by filling out surveys for Mobi Munch’s next food truck theme.

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Break out the Absinthe, Alice.

We had the pleasure of being invited to Royal/T’s “The Never Ending Story, Fairytale, Fantasy, Obsession” Exhibit last night.  It was not short of fairy tales, fantasy, or those obsessed with all things Goth-themed Alice, delicious treats, and Jared Gold related goodies!

The night was filled with colorful and creative outfits of various characters of the beloved “Alice in Wonderland” novels. Yume Ninja went geared up as the Red Queen from “Through The Looking Glass”, and Chubby Bunny went as nothing else but a beautiful White Rose painted red.

Chubby Bunny & Yume Ninja. Photo Courtesy of LA WEEKLY, by Shannon Cottrell

But what is a Gothic Alice in Wonderland themed party really, without the glorious cake?

Eat Me

Eat Me!

Polite In Public was gracious enough to man the photo booth that night. More photos of party go-ers can be seen on their online gallery from last night. They had the essential Wonderland-themed props and sexy Alices and a Queen of Hearts to round everyone up for fantastic photographs. You can also check out the article at LA Weekly by our  friend Liz Ohanesian and photos by Shannon Cottrell.

Beyond the fanciful attire and goodies to eat, Royal/T owner Susan Hancock was also giving out free spirit animal readings. We of course, had ours done. Turns out that Chubby Bunny is really a Fox, and Yume Ninja is a Hawk. It was all in good fun and right on the mark!

So to all our readers, if you get the chance, please scurry over to Royal/T to check our their current exhibit. It will run from February 05, 2010 to August 4, 2010! Also please check out the Jared Gold/Black Chandelier pop up shop! If you’re lucky you can also pick up some of the Jared Gold + Clint Catalyst (whom we both had the pleasure of meeting) Prize Ribbons. Yume Ninja particularly loves the “Hedonist” ribbon, but other equally amusing ribbons such as “EPIC”, “FTW”, and “QUEER” can be found in an array of colors.

Do enjoy this exhibit if you can, and once again thanks to Royal/T for inviting us out!

Bar Food is the new MacLaren’s

“What is MacLaren’s?” you may ask. It’s the fictional pub that Neil Patrick Harris and friends hang out at in the comedy sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” We have always been huge fans of the show, and have been searching for almost a year for own little MacLaren’s heaven here in Los Angeles, and after tonight we have found it. A place to drink, relax, get some awesome food, and have some adventures. (Okay, not sure about the “adventure” part of this place yet, but it’s coming, we’re sure!)

“Bar Food” (straightforward naming. Gotta love it) has been on our radar for a while, since it is literally down the street from our house, but after romping about Venice all day, we craved food, beer, and something close to home, and remembered the rave reviews we had read about this place on Caroline On Crack’s blog. This place is actually a stone’s throw from our home, near the Brentwood side of Wilshire (Near Wilshire and Bundy).

The sign at the hostess stand said to sit anywhere we liked, and we made a mental note that procuring a regular table would be made that much more simple due to this rule. We were already mentally moving in.

The soft ambiance and cheerful waitress that served us made the experience that much more pleasant, as we were informed that hot dogs were free until 7PM, and the Happy Hour menu was more of a permanent pricing plan than time-sensitive discount. Glorious.

The hot dogs and buns were run-of-the-mill (If only they would GRILL the buns, it would boost the flavor x2!! Garlic and bacon bits go a long way, too), but for the price of ZERO dollars, can you really gripe?

We ordered the Bar Blonde and the Bar Amber ($3.50 each… am I dreaming??), which are both from Firestone Walker’s collection of delicious bears… I mean beers… They have a large collection of beer’s on tap, and a whiskey menu as well (The old man in me will have to review that at a later date), and SO MANY DELICIOUS ITEMS on their food menu as well!

Not the “bar food” that we’ve become familiar with at Applebee’s, Bar Food serves up UK style gastropub delicacies. Additionally, it’s perfect for large groups as there is a TON OF SEATING. Who knew you COULD have it all in Los Angeles!? Thank you MacLaren’s–err we mean Bar Food!

Free hot dog comes with mayo, ketchup, onions and a big smile from the server! (No, they don't treat you like some cheapskate crazy if you ask for multiple=
Free hot dog comes with mustard, ketchup, onions and a big smile from the server!

Spicy Tuna with spicy mayo sauce, on a bed of crispy rice, and a side of Sweet Frites fried to perfection!

The Steak and Kidney pie was delish! It doesn’t look that large, but it is DEEP! It was difficult getting this monstrous dish finished up!

A $6 burger, which was fit for the price, and delicious to boot!

In short, we am very, very pleased we found this gem near our house, and have dubbed thee “MacLaren’s.” Hopefully the Irish owner, Jason, doesn’t mind too much. If anyone wants to come here and have a bite, fun talk with friends, and tasty beers, give us a call! We shall be bringing all of our friends here shortly!!

Bar Food’s website and full menu

12217 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Mon-Sun 5PM-12AM
Bar Food’s Twitter