KABLAM! The DC Reboot Arrives!

AUGUST 30, 2011 — Meltdown Comics hosted an amazingly geek-worthy night in honor of the relaunching of all of the DC Universe titles with a party including talks by DC comics writers, a costume contest, prizes for fans, and the midnight release of Flashpoint #5 (the last in the alternate-reality DC universe Flashpoint series) and Justice League #1, the first of the 52 rebooted DC comics that will be debuting this month.

Justice League #1 cover (Don't worry, they de-pants-ed Wonder Woman in the final version)

Before we get to the event, here’s a little back story on this historic DC Comics reboot:
In a bold move, DC (their most commonly known characters being Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and The Flash) is revamping all of their current titles, and renumbering them, starting over again from number one. The “New 52”, as it’s being called, begins the stories of all of the DCU (Detective Comics Universe) from the start, in an attempt to remove the confusion of the past 50 or so years of continuity and give a fresh start so that the story lines and characters are more accessible to the modern reader. That’s right, now readers like us who have lapsed in our comic collecting (most common problem: We’re not sure what the hell is going on anymore!) have a chance to enter the comic universe again without worrying about that pesky back story! Some of the major changes include:

If you’d like to learn more about the relaunch itself, here are some good summaries of the major changes happening in the New 52:
8 Questions About the DC Reboot
DC Comics Relaunch Roundup
List of the New 52 titles, cover art, and release dates

Okay! Now let’s get to the event recap!

This awesome Wonder Woman cosplayer says, "Come Hither!"

Photos and event recap after the jump!

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Spellbound at Perfectasy

Where can you find Unicorns, Mermaids, cute Lolitas, and deliciously realistic food-themed jewlery? At Onch Movement’s Perfectasy opening party of course!

Our friend Onch (OnchMovement.com) threw a fantastic opening reception for his month long pop-up shop at Royal/t cafe in Culver City, CA.

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Deliciousness in All Forms: LA Street Food Fest Preview & IOTA Cafe Review

On Thursday night, July 7th, we were invited to the media preview for LA Street Food Fest, which turned out to be so much more than just tons of delicious bites from vendors who will be participating in the big event on July 16th.

The event was hosted by the minds behind the LA Street Food Fest, Marcus Beer & Shawna Dawson (also of Sauce LA), as they MCed the night introducing the people and food involved in the upcoming Food Fest.

Held at the soon-to-be-open IOTA Cafe in Koreatown (They open sometime next week, we hear!) the newly finished space was abuzz with food bloggers and journalists, trying out the amazing dishes which will be served at the LA Street Food Fest from the Mighty Boba Truck, Glowfish Truck, and IOTA Cafe’s special items.

You might need to wipe the drool off your keyboards after looking at these photos. You have been warned!

Mighty Boba Truck was a first for us, and we were surprised to find out that they serve MUCH more than just boba teas! Founded by three childhood friends, Mighty Boba serves a delicious selection of Taiwanese food such as Taiwanese sweet sausage, Marinated Tofu steak, Sweet Butter Toast and Island Pork Chops. AND BUTTERMILK POPCORN CHICKEN. Yes. You heard me correctly. It is amazing. Thanks to Frances and Luca for being sweethearts and chatting with us about their food!

Mighty Boba Truck's Popcorn Chicken! A Taiwanese street food staple, this is their number one seller. It's slightly spicy, and deliciously crunchy. This was one of our favorite bites at tonight's event.

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Saturday Rilakkuma Weekend Event Update!

We’ve been running around nonstop catching up on other work now that the epic Rilakkuma Weekend is over, but now we finally have time to do an event report from the epic 2-day popup store!

On Saturday, August 14, we opened the doors at 7326 Melrose Ave. for the 2-day San-X popup store! We had a line of people waiting to get in and get first dibs on the cute Rilakkuma and Mamegoma merchandise!

Our hardworking staff created a beautiful display of Rilakkuma goods for fans to oogle and purchase for the two-day pop up shop. During the day, we had the Crepe’n Around truck sercing up delicious crepes to those who knew the secret password of the day! The password was “RELAX,” and boy we had a good time making Zoolander-related jokes about that all day!

The evening party drew a HUGE crowd that wrapped around the block! The first 100 guests received a super cute giftbag full of Rilakkuma and Mamegoma goods! That night, we had Jenny Rae of Lil’ Rae cakes serving her delish cake balls to guests, as well as Takoyaki Tanota bringing us super fresh and super delicious takoyaki from their old school truck!

Lil’ Rae cake balls are SUPER delish!

Takoyaki Tanota!! "Takoyaki" Are savory pancake balls filled with octopus, radish, and yummy sauces on top!

Rilakkuma himself even made an appearance at the party! Photographer Eron Rauch took photos of guests with the famous bear all night!

Jenny Rae of Lil' Rae Cakes and Stephie had a rollickin time at the party!

The hardworking staff who took many sleepless nights to bring your Rilakkuma Weekend!

San-X buddies from Japan partied hard Saturday night!

We had a fantastic time on Saturday with all of the loyal Rilakkuma fans new and old! Photos from Sunday’s events are coming soon! Make sure you check out the links below for more photos, article, interiews, and even soundbites from the night!


Saturday photos (Photos by Dianne Garcia of DEFECTIVE GEEKS, and Valerie Durham)
Saturday evening photobooth photo(Photos by Eron Rauch)
VIP Party photos by Bubblesung
More Photos by Bubblesung!
VIP Party photos by LookBookLA


Rilakkuma Weekend Article by Liz Ohanesian
KPCC (LA’s NPR news station) article and audio by Alex Cohen
Rilakkuma VIP Party event report by DEFECTIVE GEEKS


San Diego Comic-Con: Nerdius Maximus.

Well, friends, we have returned from San Diego Comic-Con. Stealing the headline from the Scott Pilgrim Campaign, it was definitely an “Epic of EPIC EPICNESS”.

Though we spent the majority of our Comic Con weekend working at the Munky King booth, we did manage to sneak off and enjoy the convention during our breaks. We additionally did take Sunday off work to enjoy a full day of Comic Con.

Work has turned us all into monsters.

My, my, there were plenty of people to be seen. Nix that, there was an unending wave of people. We spent the majority of Comic-Con witnessing the sea of people being herded like cattle around Warner Bros. booth. This may be due to a combination of celebrity signings as well as being located right next to gaming giants Capcom.

Concluding thoughts about Comic Con? The Scott Pilgrim marketing was freaking insane.

Scott Pilgrim Party. Bouncer Necessary!

There was a Scott Pilgrim themed food truck with free garlic bread. Having read the comics, we feel like this was unrelated to the comics. Can anybody confirm/deny Aside from the food truck, there was an exclusive Scott Pilgrim rooftop party with awesome schwag? The line was insanely long, and we commend those people who braved the line in the head. We desperately wanted to go, however by Sunday their doors had closed and moved on.

Here are some more random encounters from out wandering around at Comic-Con:

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Partying with Scott Pilgrim

For those who weren’t in the know, Scott Pilgrim had a Super Fun Party last week!

This way to the fun!

Marking the end of E3 in Los Angeles, Iam8Bit in conjunction with Universal Studios threw this bash. We were really excited to be invited. Nerd parties fuel us!

For those who don’t know, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is based off the comic “Scott Pilgrim” by Bryan O’ Malley. The movie is opening in theaters in August and the final volume of the comic is due out in July 2010

The film stars Michael Cera as the title character, who has to defeat his love interest’s 7 evil ex-boyfriends.

Drama! Action! Fighting! And Girls With Coloured Hair!

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Our Champion, Zac Posen

When Zac Posen was announced as the next collaborative Target designer, we pondered how he would compare to the various designers before him. There has been an overall mixed response from fashion bloggers about all of the collaborations.

McQueen’s designs were very casual and low key, Anna Sui was not made for girls who weren’t models, Rodarte was a bit sloppily styled and frumpy, and Jean Paul Gaultier had a mixture of hits and misses in his collection.

But when the Lookbook was released recently, hopes were high!  All of the looks were fun, flirty, and teasingly edgy. Most important of all, they were in cuts that flatter most women.

Of course the real challenge was to see how it translated from Models to real women. So we each set out to different Target stores to see if Mr. Posen was up to the challenge!

Yume Ninja in Red Two-Piece Ruffled Dress. $79.99 with out Ruffle Skirt.

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