Spellbound at Perfectasy

Where can you find Unicorns, Mermaids, cute Lolitas, and deliciously realistic food-themed jewlery? At Onch Movement’s Perfectasy opening party of course!

Our friend Onch (OnchMovement.com) threw a fantastic opening reception for his month long pop-up shop at Royal/t cafe in Culver City, CA.

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A Small Gift, A Big Night

Sanrio opened their 50th Anniversary, “Small Gift” on Thursday night with a special VIP Party. Guests lined up and piled into Barker Hangar in Santa Monica for the first glimpse at this carnival themed celebration.

Luckily for us here at Bubble Punch, we were able to get a special sneak peak during morning set up! We even had the pleasure of taking one of the awesome Hello Kitty Smart Cars out for a work adventure. We were more than overly excited for the party.

The VIP party got started early. Some guests confessed to us they’d been waiting since late afternoon…! A long line of Sanrio enthusiasts wrapped around part of Barker Hangar where a collection of food trucks greeted them.

Inside of the hanger, there was free food and drinks galore! We were very excited that Pink’s Hotdogs had a booth and were giving away free chili dogs! Beard Papa and Yogurtland were also on site doling out more cream puffs and froyo than you can shake a stick at!

There are various carnival-like attractions in the hanger, like carnival games, a ferris wheel, mini golf, and adorable giant character heads floating above.

Behind the scenes shot of setup for the big event!

Onch (of Paris' New BFF fame) and TJ hopping on the ferris wheel!

The retro arcade was totally awesome!

Being a VIP party, of course there was a red carpet laid out, and plenty of celebrities and artists in attendance.

Martin Hsu (right) was one of many talented artists that created Sanrio-inspired artwork for Small Gift!

Jamie Rivadeniera of JapanLA (left) curated the Sanrio show this year! Pictured with us (Chubby Bunny, center, and Yume Ninja, right)

Lisa Loeb, still sporting her signature awesome glasses after all this time!

Tarina Tarantino was also on site, wearing her Angelic Pretty dress to the event!

Playboy Bunny Bridget Marquadt of "The Girls Next Door" fame, gets to some mini golf while wearing a ChubbyBunny x Hello Kitty bow.

Of course, there was a huge line that snaked along for ages to get into the pop up store to purchase the limited edition Sanrio goods made especially for this party!

Some of the amazing limited edition 50th Anniversary merch!

Sephora also had a super cute display booth, previewing the Hello Kitty x Sephora collaboration makeup that will be on sale January 2011! Even the hand mirrors, combs, and containers were SO adorable!

Chubby Bunny holdinf a lovely Hello KItty mirror, with Hello Kitty-shaped nail polishes in the background!

We were very pleased to see so many of our friends, clients, and Sanrio fans at this amazing event, too. Here are some snaps of our gorgeous and talented friends!

And of course, what night is complete without a super fancy gift bag? Here’s a quick snap of ours!

As always you can see way more pictures from the night on our Flickr set here!

You all need to hurry up and check out the Sanrio Small Gift event for yourselves! We’re rushing out the door to start setup for the amazing I ❤ Nerds Party tonight, so we hope we see you there! Tickets will be sold at the door, also!


San Diego Comic-Con: Nerdius Maximus.

Well, friends, we have returned from San Diego Comic-Con. Stealing the headline from the Scott Pilgrim Campaign, it was definitely an “Epic of EPIC EPICNESS”.

Though we spent the majority of our Comic Con weekend working at the Munky King booth, we did manage to sneak off and enjoy the convention during our breaks. We additionally did take Sunday off work to enjoy a full day of Comic Con.

Work has turned us all into monsters.

My, my, there were plenty of people to be seen. Nix that, there was an unending wave of people. We spent the majority of Comic-Con witnessing the sea of people being herded like cattle around Warner Bros. booth. This may be due to a combination of celebrity signings as well as being located right next to gaming giants Capcom.

Concluding thoughts about Comic Con? The Scott Pilgrim marketing was freaking insane.

Scott Pilgrim Party. Bouncer Necessary!

There was a Scott Pilgrim themed food truck with free garlic bread. Having read the comics, we feel like this was unrelated to the comics. Can anybody confirm/deny Aside from the food truck, there was an exclusive Scott Pilgrim rooftop party with awesome schwag? The line was insanely long, and we commend those people who braved the line in the head. We desperately wanted to go, however by Sunday their doors had closed and moved on.

Here are some more random encounters from out wandering around at Comic-Con:

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We Are Under The Influence of He-Man

As we announced to all of our readers, on Friday night, we succried over to Gallery 1988 for the “Under The Influence: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” opening reception.

It is to no surprise that the show was INCREDIBLE! Our very own Chubbybunny geared up in Prince Adam of Eternia outfit. This outfit was well welcomed by many of the fans of He-Man, and Seth Green who was in attendance gave her an audible approval.

Outside Castle Greyskull, Chubbybunny is Prince Adam of Eternia

When we arrived, there was an exceptionally long line down the block! You could feel the excitement of He-Man enthusiasts of all ages. We have it on good authority that many dedicated fans poured in throughout the night to support the show!!

The Line outside G1988

Gallery 1988 must be commended on their excellent job in curating this show. The entire space was redone to resemble Castle Grey Skull. To one side was a replica of the very image of the castle in which Prince Adam transforms into He-Man! We congratulate G1988 in bringing back our beloved childhood nostalgia in such a great way!

The design however, cannot over shadow the amount of effort and energy all the people involved have put into this event. There were so many great artists with great pieces in this show such as our friends: Martin Hsu, Misha, and Camilla D’errico!!

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New York gets a little Darker

The Museums of Modern Art in New York will be hosting an exhibition on Tim Burton.

He of course, is the mastermind behind greats like ‘Beetle Juice’, ‘Edwards Scissor Hands’, ‘Batman Returns’, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, most recently one of the producers of ‘9’, and is currently wrapping up in his highly-anticipated ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

The exhibition is set to kick off November 22, 2009 and run until April 26, 2010. It will feature not only the films of Tim Burton, but his as a fiction writer, photography, puppets, props, costumes, and illustrations over the course of his long career.

For more information on his exhibit visit: Www.moma.org

Tim Burton. Untitled (The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories). 1982–84.

Tim Burton. Untitled (The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories). 1982–84.

Oh New York, if only you weren’t on the other coast.

-Yume Ninja