Saturday Rilakkuma Weekend Event Update!

We’ve been running around nonstop catching up on other work now that the epic Rilakkuma Weekend is over, but now we finally have time to do an event report from the epic 2-day popup store!

On Saturday, August 14, we opened the doors at 7326 Melrose Ave. for the 2-day San-X popup store! We had a line of people waiting to get in and get first dibs on the cute Rilakkuma and Mamegoma merchandise!

Our hardworking staff created a beautiful display of Rilakkuma goods for fans to oogle and purchase for the two-day pop up shop. During the day, we had the Crepe’n Around truck sercing up delicious crepes to those who knew the secret password of the day! The password was “RELAX,” and boy we had a good time making Zoolander-related jokes about that all day!

The evening party drew a HUGE crowd that wrapped around the block! The first 100 guests received a super cute giftbag full of Rilakkuma and Mamegoma goods! That night, we had Jenny Rae of Lil’ Rae cakes serving her delish cake balls to guests, as well as Takoyaki Tanota bringing us super fresh and super delicious takoyaki from their old school truck!

Lil’ Rae cake balls are SUPER delish!

Takoyaki Tanota!! "Takoyaki" Are savory pancake balls filled with octopus, radish, and yummy sauces on top!

Rilakkuma himself even made an appearance at the party! Photographer Eron Rauch took photos of guests with the famous bear all night!

Jenny Rae of Lil' Rae Cakes and Stephie had a rollickin time at the party!

The hardworking staff who took many sleepless nights to bring your Rilakkuma Weekend!

San-X buddies from Japan partied hard Saturday night!

We had a fantastic time on Saturday with all of the loyal Rilakkuma fans new and old! Photos from Sunday’s events are coming soon! Make sure you check out the links below for more photos, article, interiews, and even soundbites from the night!


Saturday photos (Photos by Dianne Garcia of DEFECTIVE GEEKS, and Valerie Durham)
Saturday evening photobooth photo(Photos by Eron Rauch)
VIP Party photos by Bubblesung
More Photos by Bubblesung!
VIP Party photos by LookBookLA


Rilakkuma Weekend Article by Liz Ohanesian
KPCC (LA’s NPR news station) article and audio by Alex Cohen
Rilakkuma VIP Party event report by DEFECTIVE GEEKS


Partying with Scott Pilgrim

For those who weren’t in the know, Scott Pilgrim had a Super Fun Party last week!

This way to the fun!

Marking the end of E3 in Los Angeles, Iam8Bit in conjunction with Universal Studios threw this bash. We were really excited to be invited. Nerd parties fuel us!

For those who don’t know, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is based off the comic “Scott Pilgrim” by Bryan O’ Malley. The movie is opening in theaters in August and the final volume of the comic is due out in July 2010

The film stars Michael Cera as the title character, who has to defeat his love interest’s 7 evil ex-boyfriends.

Drama! Action! Fighting! And Girls With Coloured Hair!

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A Night for Amano: Yoshitaka Amano’s “Deva Loka” at LeBasse Projects

Yoshitaka Amano is a name quite often associated with Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D; but before that, there was Gatchaman and Casshern. The series of glittery space-age paintings from his “Deva Loka” series seems to have a resounding display of this era in his life. With nearly ceiling-high paintings of Gatchaman characters, a newer series titled “Candy Girls”, and “Sisters”, this event showcased much of Amano’s 1960 – 1970s  style of artwork.

Saturday evening’s opening reception had a wonderful turnout of art lovers, collectors, Amano-fanatics, and stunning cosplayers. LeBasse Projects was in full swing as the multifaceted crowd wandered through its space in awe of Yoshitaka Amano’s “Deva Loka” series.

Cosplayers gathering at Amano's "Deva Loka" show. Costumers portrayed Deva Loka characters, Gatchaman, and Amano's popular Final Fantasy illustrations.

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Event Report: Hello Kitty’s Bats and Cats Masquerade

Yume Ninja & Chubby Bunny of Bubble Punch! Photo courtesy of LA Weekly!

Yume Ninja & Chubby Bunny of Bubble Punch! Photo courtesy of LA Weekly!

What an amazing event! We had over 1,100 attendees, and  so many gorgeously dressed guests!

As we opened the doors at 8:00PM, there was a line wrapped around the block of anxiously waiting masqueraders. Thank you all for your patience with the line…!

Congratulations to all of our costume contest winners! Sanrio was so impressed with all the entries, they gave out lots of extra goodies to their creative fans!

And special thanks to DJ Amanda Jones for the amazing set list, the Wandering Marionettes for their fantastic dance performance, photographer Eron Rauch for the adorable Hello Kitty photo booth pics, Darque Eyes Studios and  Cute N Nast for the event snaps (coming soon!), Royal/T for thier wonderful food and special gothy drinks, and all of our awesome helpers!!! Julie, Andrew, Robin, Emily, Ari, Tess, Jeanie, Steph, Sheyne, Glenn, Jenny, Greg, Will, Alcuin, Jocelyn, Nicole, Aimee and Diana– you guys rock!!

And of course, THANK YOU to Sanrio and Japan LA for allowing us to participate in their fantastic display of Hello Kitty love for her 35th anniversary!

As we mentioned, Plasticgod was kind enough to create a special series of goth kitty friends for the event! Check it out! Photo courtesy of Cute and Nast!

You can find some awesome event coverage and photos on these sites as well! Please feel free to comment with a link to your info if you’d like us to add you to this list!

LA Weekly (part 1)

LA Weekly (part 2)

Cute and Nast

Defective Geeks

China Shop

Shrinkle’s Blog

Amy Shimoshige

Dave Tada

Glass of Win

Lavender Decay

All of the photo booth photos have been posted to our Flickr, so please take a look there for the fab photos of all of our guests! Check out some of our favorite snaps from Hello Kitty photo booth especially designed by Bubble Punch for the masquerade! We even designed and constructed her outfit! Too cute…! Pics after the jump!

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