Super Street Fighter IV Fight Club. READY? GO!!!

April 23, 2010 – Glendale, CA – Capcom announced their fan event to celebrate the launch of Super Street Fighter IV. After only being a bit less than a year since Street Fighter IV came out, it was great to see what improvements they had made on the game, and also, what kind of party they would host this year. The bar was set pretty high, considering the magnitude of the Street Fighter IV release party held February 12, 2009.

Hardcore fans were already in line as early as 1PM for the 8PM party, some decked out in their best Street Fighter attire! Cosplaying that long takes GUTS!

Loyal Street Fighter fans donned their cosplay gear for the long wait

This year, we were treated to a slightly smaller scale version of last year’s original SFIV release melee. The space wasn’t nearly as large, however, so the long line outside was kept waiting for a few hours after the party started.

Inside, there was a complimentary “Bruise Bar” where fans could get the Street Fighter KO-ed look via the talents of make-up artists.

Check out the "treatments" you can get at the Bruise Bar! Badass!

With multiple game consoles set up for fans to try out the souped up Super Street Fighter IV, the fans were appeased not only with video games, but also free pizza and cola. We were a little sad there was no alcohol available for purchase, but up in the VIP area, there were grown-up beverages available.

Of-note attendees include Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono, Japanese Street Fighter champion Daigo Umehara, US SF champ Justin Wong, and many of the US voice actors such as Matthew Mercer (Fei Long) and Kat Steel (Ibuki).

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“In Bed Together” Opening party at Royal/T

On November 20th, the owner of Royal/T, Susan Hancock, graciously invited us to the private opening party of their new installation, “In Bed Together.”

Here’s a short clip from Royal/T’s news site:

In Bed Together is the realization of Curator Jane Glassmans vision for a collaborative event featuring 50 works by 50 different artists that have been selected by 50 invited art professionals. The exhibit features a full circle of professionals from within the interconnected arts community including collectors, auction house specialists, educators, curators, museum directors, advisors, critics, journalists, gallerists, and nonprofit leaders, each submitting one piece, presented with thoughtful personal texts and insight as to the purpose of their selection. By bringing together all these key characters in the arts community, In Bed Together will highlight each specific role within the art world that is critically dependent on and supportive of each other.

Very awesome beaded skull! part of the exhibit at "In Bed Together"

Very awesome beaded skull! part of the exhibit at "In Bed Together"

The exhibit itself was an eclectic mix of art of all different mediums. It was interesting to catch glimpse of who brought in what piece, though the descriptions were a bit hard to read as they were on the floor inside the exhibit space. Bring your glasses, ladies and gents!

Not only was the opening party loads of fun, and full of great art, it was also full of … FANTASTIC FOOD!! (Aside from fashion, the other thing we love most in the world…!)

Renowned chef Ludo Lefebvre was on-site showcasing his LudoBites restaurant program, as well as serving up some delicious treats with his assistant at the event. Chef Ludo is also known for his time as executive chef at L’Orangerie, where he earned the restaurant the prestigious Mobil Five Star Award. He has even competed as a contestant on Top Chef Masters on Bravo. He will be bringing his LudoBites program to Royal/T for 13 days only (all the RSVPs were filled within hours of the announcement! SAD!!)

Chuf Ludo adding some dried squid ink to the dish

Chuf Ludo adding some dried squid ink to the dish

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