Sweet Tooth: Super Sweet Group Show Report

Last Saturday, Munky King was the place to be. Their opening reception for Crowded Teeth’s ‘Super Sweet Group Show’ was poppin’.

Sweet Streets, in collaboration with Crowded Teeth curated an amazing group show with artists such as: Luke Chueh, Eimi, Miso, Martin Hsu, NICO, Mizna Wada, Angry Woebots, among many talented artists.

All of the art was inspired by the works of Crowded Teeth. Of course, we had a little hand in pushing the magic into the world wide web.

The show was a collection of coloful, magical, and cute that only Crowded Teeth could inspire.

We don’t know what was the best part, the art, the magical Crowded Teeth Cupcakes, or the awesome food from Lomo Arigato!

photo by Shannon Cottrell

We do however, want to thank everyone who came out to support this amazing show, and a big thanks to Saporro, who sponsored the event.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the art, the show is running at Munky King until September 7, 2011. So what are you waiting for? Get your booties down there.

If you’re unable to make it, but want to purchase some of the gorgeous artwork, it is all available on the Munky King website.

Thanks again everyone for supporting the show, and we hope to see you at the next event!

More Pictures?

Check out our flickr set
LAWEEKLY.com Slide Show by Shannon Cottrell


Sanrio’s “Kitty in Pink” 80s Prom Event Report

Kitty in Pink, Sanrio's Retro 80s Prom

So if you haven’t heard, Sanrio’s “Small Gift: Los Angeles” event officially closed on November 21, 2010! We would especially love to thank all of you 80’s loving prom goers who glammed up and decked out for Sanrio’s 80’s prom event, “Kitty in Pink”!

We were extremely impressed by all of the wonderfully tacky, shiny, and awesomely 80’s outfits that guest arrived in. We couldn’t have dreamed of the wonderfully creative things everyone came up with.

Stephiee of DollyBeast.com in her big blue beast

Debbi in her Hangyodon inspired outfit.


The Reaganomics rocked the the party with great 80’s music covers during the evening. Everyone got into the beat and danced up a storm.

Party Go-ers dancing to The Reaganomics

We were really glad to have The Yuki Shundo Dance crew back for a special 80s prom performance as well. They tore up the stage and wowed the crowd again.

The Yuki Shundo Dance Crew

Because there were so many wonderful outfits during the evening, both of us had to enlist the help of The Reaganomics to choose our Prom Queen, Prom King, Prom Princess, and Prom Prince!

Die, who made her own Kuromi inspired outfit was our Prom Princess!

Our Prom Queen is crowned and awarded her Hello Kitty Beach Cruiser Bike!

The event was a total blast, and again we have to thank everyone for coming out, and going all out. We’re glad to say that when it comes knowing how to party and have fun, Los Angeles can totally do it Sanrio 80’s style! We here at Bubble Punch would like to think that all of you and ourselves included, have made all lovers of 80’s prom flicks, proud with this event.
Thank you all again for making all of our Sanrio x Bubble Punch events hugely fun and successful! See you again soon!

If you’d like to see more pictures and event reports from this night, check out the links below:

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If you have photos from your gallery you’d like to share with us, leave us a comment so we can add yours too!


A Small Gift, A Big Night

Sanrio opened their 50th Anniversary, “Small Gift” on Thursday night with a special VIP Party. Guests lined up and piled into Barker Hangar in Santa Monica for the first glimpse at this carnival themed celebration.

Luckily for us here at Bubble Punch, we were able to get a special sneak peak during morning set up! We even had the pleasure of taking one of the awesome Hello Kitty Smart Cars out for a work adventure. We were more than overly excited for the party.

The VIP party got started early. Some guests confessed to us they’d been waiting since late afternoon…! A long line of Sanrio enthusiasts wrapped around part of Barker Hangar where a collection of food trucks greeted them.

Inside of the hanger, there was free food and drinks galore! We were very excited that Pink’s Hotdogs had a booth and were giving away free chili dogs! Beard Papa and Yogurtland were also on site doling out more cream puffs and froyo than you can shake a stick at!

There are various carnival-like attractions in the hanger, like carnival games, a ferris wheel, mini golf, and adorable giant character heads floating above.

Behind the scenes shot of setup for the big event!

Onch (of Paris' New BFF fame) and TJ hopping on the ferris wheel!

The retro arcade was totally awesome!

Being a VIP party, of course there was a red carpet laid out, and plenty of celebrities and artists in attendance.

Martin Hsu (right) was one of many talented artists that created Sanrio-inspired artwork for Small Gift!

Jamie Rivadeniera of JapanLA (left) curated the Sanrio show this year! Pictured with us (Chubby Bunny, center, and Yume Ninja, right)

Lisa Loeb, still sporting her signature awesome glasses after all this time!

Tarina Tarantino was also on site, wearing her Angelic Pretty dress to the event!

Playboy Bunny Bridget Marquadt of "The Girls Next Door" fame, gets to some mini golf while wearing a ChubbyBunny x Hello Kitty bow.

Of course, there was a huge line that snaked along for ages to get into the pop up store to purchase the limited edition Sanrio goods made especially for this party!

Some of the amazing limited edition 50th Anniversary merch!

Sephora also had a super cute display booth, previewing the Hello Kitty x Sephora collaboration makeup that will be on sale January 2011! Even the hand mirrors, combs, and containers were SO adorable!

Chubby Bunny holdinf a lovely Hello KItty mirror, with Hello Kitty-shaped nail polishes in the background!

We were very pleased to see so many of our friends, clients, and Sanrio fans at this amazing event, too. Here are some snaps of our gorgeous and talented friends!

And of course, what night is complete without a super fancy gift bag? Here’s a quick snap of ours!

As always you can see way more pictures from the night on our Flickr set here!

You all need to hurry up and check out the Sanrio Small Gift event for yourselves! We’re rushing out the door to start setup for the amazing I ❤ Nerds Party tonight, so we hope we see you there! Tickets will be sold at the door, also!


Dokidoki my heart! The 6%DOKIDOKI Fan day and talk show

On Sunday, September 12, 6%DOKIDOKI hosted a fan day, which was lead by the brand’s owner, Sebastian Masuda.

Fans crowded around as Sebastian delved into his own brand’s image, and why he chose to start a brand based on “kawaii.”

His lecture included points about the development of Harajuku, as well as rare footage of Harjuku’s Omotesando pedestrian area in the 1970s. His primary insight into the evolution of Harajuku street fashion is that, although once flourishing with originality and DIY fashion, is actually now in a decline, because of the easy availability of cheap clothing, such as Forever21 and H&M. In retaliation, Sebastian has created 6%DOKIDOKI to bring back original kawaii to their shoppers!

6%DOKIDOKI fans lined up to listen to Sebastian's talk show!

Yuka & Vani are dressy from front to back as they greet fans.

After the lecture, 6% held a group Jan-ken-poi (or “Rock, Paper, Scissors” as we call it here in the states) competition to with special gifts from their brand! Everyone tried their best to win against 6% models Yuka & Vani. There were 4 winners in all! Congratulations to all the winners!



The entire weekend was a ton of fun, and brought together artists, Japanophiles, fashionistas, and fun lovers from all over! We appreciate all the guests and friends who have made this possible!

From left to right: Yuka, Yume Ninja, Chubby Bunny, and Vani!

Thank you to Caro, Gallery Nucleus, and 6%DOKIDOKI for inviting us to participate with event coordination and production for these spectacular events!

If you missed 6%DOKIDOKI in Los Angeles this past weekend, you can hang out with them TOMORROW at their big event in San Francisco! Check out the details here!

You can see more photos on our Flickr.

Below is some more coverage on Sweet Streets II! If you have any links that we’ve missed, please let us know by leaving us a comment!

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A Plethora of Munky King at San Diego Comic-Con 2010!

We just arrived back from a whirlwind weekend down at San Diego Comic-Con with Munky King!

On Thursday, July 22, we kicked off the weekend of Comic-Con madness with Munky King’s “Omi Unmasked” party at Bar Basic. Tons of fans waited anxiously for the giftbags that included schwag not only from Munky King, but also from MINDstyle, Vannen Watches, Gelaskins, and much more!

Of course, the entire night was dedicated to the release of the Omi!

The Omi presents an innovative new platform that blurs the line between art and toys, uniquely designed to give collectors the freedom to create and collaborate the Omi how they choose. The DIY version of the Om, which was released at Comic-Con, offers a blank canvas with limitless customizing capabilities. The silhouette can be altered by choosing from the Series 1 accessories, which include the Monkey, Bear, Cat, and Horns. Unlike other vinyl toys, the Omi comes with a frame for collectors to display in the home as a 3D painting by itself, but can also be fitted to a larger 16-piece display frame, called the Omi Wall, or snapped together with another Omi Mask and transform into a Weeble Wobble.

Live paintings on giant omi-shaped canvases were the highlight of the party, featuring Dave Flores, Angry Woebots, Yoskay Yamamoto, and Joe Ledbetter!

Check out some of our favorite photos from the night!

Munky King staff, artists, and friends pose for the camera! Photo by Dominick Valentic.

Angry Woebots stands next to his squinty angry panda painting!

Live paintings from the party. Yoskay Yamamoto finishes up his piece. Photo by Valerie Durham

Attendees mask up for the party. Photo by Valerie Durham

Chubby Bunny with some awesome attendees. Photo by Valerie Durham

You can see more photos from not only the Omi Unmasked party, but also from the Munky King booth itself! Check it out on our Flickr, or also on Munky King’s website!

There were TONS of amazing photos taken throughout the night as well! Check out these links below! If you’ve done a writeup or posted photos about the event, please let us know so we can add you, as well!

LA Weekly Style Council: Comic Con Exclusives

LA Weekly Style Council: Comic Con 2010 Street Fashion

Spanky Stokes

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Arrested Motion

Thanks again to everyone for a super fun Comic-con! See you all there in 2011… but we think next year, we’ll try to sleep a bit more…!
For more information on how to purchase the omi, or any other of Munky King’s awesome products, you can visit them on the web at http://www.munkyking.com, or check out their awesome shop at 7308 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046-7513.

A Night for Amano: Yoshitaka Amano’s “Deva Loka” at LeBasse Projects

Yoshitaka Amano is a name quite often associated with Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D; but before that, there was Gatchaman and Casshern. The series of glittery space-age paintings from his “Deva Loka” series seems to have a resounding display of this era in his life. With nearly ceiling-high paintings of Gatchaman characters, a newer series titled “Candy Girls”, and “Sisters”, this event showcased much of Amano’s 1960 – 1970s  style of artwork.

Saturday evening’s opening reception had a wonderful turnout of art lovers, collectors, Amano-fanatics, and stunning cosplayers. LeBasse Projects was in full swing as the multifaceted crowd wandered through its space in awe of Yoshitaka Amano’s “Deva Loka” series.

Cosplayers gathering at Amano's "Deva Loka" show. Costumers portrayed Deva Loka characters, Gatchaman, and Amano's popular Final Fantasy illustrations.

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Event Report: Hello Kitty’s Bats and Cats Masquerade

Yume Ninja & Chubby Bunny of Bubble Punch! Photo courtesy of LA Weekly!

Yume Ninja & Chubby Bunny of Bubble Punch! Photo courtesy of LA Weekly!

What an amazing event! We had over 1,100 attendees, and  so many gorgeously dressed guests!

As we opened the doors at 8:00PM, there was a line wrapped around the block of anxiously waiting masqueraders. Thank you all for your patience with the line…!

Congratulations to all of our costume contest winners! Sanrio was so impressed with all the entries, they gave out lots of extra goodies to their creative fans!

And special thanks to DJ Amanda Jones for the amazing set list, the Wandering Marionettes for their fantastic dance performance, photographer Eron Rauch for the adorable Hello Kitty photo booth pics, Darque Eyes Studios and  Cute N Nast for the event snaps (coming soon!), Royal/T for thier wonderful food and special gothy drinks, and all of our awesome helpers!!! Julie, Andrew, Robin, Emily, Ari, Tess, Jeanie, Steph, Sheyne, Glenn, Jenny, Greg, Will, Alcuin, Jocelyn, Nicole, Aimee and Diana– you guys rock!!

And of course, THANK YOU to Sanrio and Japan LA for allowing us to participate in their fantastic display of Hello Kitty love for her 35th anniversary!

As we mentioned, Plasticgod was kind enough to create a special series of goth kitty friends for the event! Check it out! Photo courtesy of Cute and Nast!

You can find some awesome event coverage and photos on these sites as well! Please feel free to comment with a link to your info if you’d like us to add you to this list!

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Glass of Win

Lavender Decay

All of the photo booth photos have been posted to our Flickr, so please take a look there for the fab photos of all of our guests! Check out some of our favorite snaps from Hello Kitty photo booth especially designed by Bubble Punch for the masquerade! We even designed and constructed her outfit! Too cute…! Pics after the jump!

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