Sweet Tooth: Super Sweet Group Show Report

Last Saturday, Munky King was the place to be. Their opening reception for Crowded Teeth’s ‘Super Sweet Group Show’ was poppin’.

Sweet Streets, in collaboration with Crowded Teeth curated an amazing group show with artists such as: Luke Chueh, Eimi, Miso, Martin Hsu, NICO, Mizna Wada, Angry Woebots, among many talented artists.

All of the art was inspired by the works of Crowded Teeth. Of course, we had a little hand in pushing the magic into the world wide web.

The show was a collection of coloful, magical, and cute that only Crowded Teeth could inspire.

We don’t know what was the best part, the art, the magical Crowded Teeth Cupcakes, or the awesome food from Lomo Arigato!

photo by Shannon Cottrell

We do however, want to thank everyone who came out to support this amazing show, and a big thanks to Saporro, who sponsored the event.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the art, the show is running at Munky King until September 7, 2011. So what are you waiting for? Get your booties down there.

If you’re unable to make it, but want to purchase some of the gorgeous artwork, it is all available on the Munky King website.

Thanks again everyone for supporting the show, and we hope to see you at the next event!

More Pictures?

Check out our flickr set
LAWEEKLY.com Slide Show by Shannon Cottrell


A Super Sweet Group Show!

Munky King & SWEET STREETS, with the help of Bubble Punch are inviting you to a  ‘A super sweet group show inspired by the fanciful world of Crowded Teeth.

So sweet, they make your teeth hurt, the Crowded Teeth characters are everything from pirate ghosts, toaster ovens, to animal friends who love adventure! Crowded Teeth transforms Munky King gallery into a new level of cavity induced awesome, August 20 – September 7, 2011.

Eimi x Microu

Bubble Punch is lending a helping hand, by helping our friends at Munky King and Sweet Streets through a whimsical opening reception on August 20th, 7pm – 10pm at the Munky King store! So mark it down on your calendars!

DJ Colby.1 will be spinning some awesome tunes, and we’ll be graced by the deliciousness of Lomo Arigato.

Curious about the show?
You can see some previews of the artwork via the facebook page! http://on.fb.me/nZT6Cn

Karen Hsiao (Miso)

So RSVP at the facebook event page!

And we’ll see you there for some sweet times.

Black in White and Red All Over

Earlier this month, we helped Munky King release the newest creation by renown artist, Luke Chueh.  “Black in White and Red All Over” was not only hugely successful for Munky King and Luke Chueh, but we were amazed at the level of dedication of Luke’s fans!!

The staff at Munky King got up bright and early on October 2, 2010 to decorate their store and gallery space with art and knives. Not to be out done, we showed up to help break a sweat. From blood stains, to knives, to bunnies bleeding all over, there was lots of decorating to be done.

However, no matter how early any of us showed up, Luke’s fans had all of us beat. The early bird line ran down the entire block. The first two fans in line even confessed to us that they had driven from Arizona and had been waiting since 7PM the night before!!! We admire that kind of love of art, especially because they waited not just through the night, but through a swelteringly hot Saturday.

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B. Awesome

If you weren’t at B. by Aperire’s “Fashion Night Out” Soiree last Thursday night on Melrose Ave, then we’re sad for you! You really missed out on something special.

We arrived early to ensure we could fully enjoy all the styles (and sizes) available before the rush. With 50%-80% off, there was sure to be a bargain-hunting-fashionista crowd at this event. The early birds gets the size 7’s!

Chubby Bunny, in early for maximum shopping success

Hiromi Tatsuda, designer for B. by Aperire definitely sold us on the comfort level of all these shoes. As the headline on their website says: “Heels that keep you moving from Hollywood to Tokyo”, and we believe it. It’s amazing and comforting to know that you can have fashionable footwear and not have to do that stumbling painful walk to your car after a night out. You know that walk ladies, the one where your feet feel like they’re exploding with every step.

Colorful shoppers trying on shoes as boxes begin to stack.

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SHOES. OH MY GOD. SHOES. Major Discount on B by Aperire on June 17th 8PM – 12AM!

Seriously, we are drooling over here! If you haven’t heard of B by Aperire, you are missing out on a world of style combined with, of all things, COMFORT.

Some of our favorite shoes from B!

Featuring “stress-free” insoles, these shoes were designed to give you a killer look, without literally killing your feet. Who knew such a combination was even possible? This unique brand has been largely featured in Japanese fashion magazines for years, and are breaking into the US market with their fierce yet comfy looks. If you’re Japan mag aficionados like us, you’ll be excited to hear they’ve been featured in Luire, Cutie, Glitter, S Cawaii, and Japan’s Nylon!

So you’re probably wondering, “Where can I get my hands on these adorable shoes?” Right here in Los Angeles, of course! And if you’d like these shoes at a HUGE DISCOUNT,  you’ll be happy to hear that Aperire is throwing a “Fashion Night Out” soiree at their store on Melrose this coming Thursday, June 17 from 8 – 12PM.  Check out the details below:

Click here for a larger version of the flyer

We hope to see you all there for a fun night of hobnobbing, cocktails, and most importantly,  shopping, shopping, shopping!

San-X U.S. debut featuring Rilakkuma at JapanLA! This Saturday!

Bubble Punch loves teaming up with JapanLA and friends for their fun events! This next one is no exception!

The awesomely cute, Japanese-character brand San-X is finally making it’s debut here in the US!!! YES! Recognizing the awesomeness that is JapanLA, San-X has handpicked the store as one of the select few authorized dealers of thier hilarious, cute, and super off-beat character goods!

We are super excited to be a part of this event!

To celebrate the big launch. JapanLA is hosting a “Rilakkuma Christmas Pancake Party:” a super fun night of partying, friends, pancakes, and… special guest star… RILAKKUMA HIMSELF!!!! If you do not know who Rilakkuma is, take a look at the flyer below for the gist of what this “relax bear” (the literal translation of Rilakkuma), designed by our very own Yume Ninja here at Bubble Punch!

What’s super weird, yet adorable about Rilakkuma, is that he loves to relax with his buddies, as well as wear bear costumes…. So what is he really? He could be a human, an animal, or an alien! NO ONE KNOWS!! (The official statement on Rilakkuma’s identity is, “MYSTERY desu!”)

Lucky for us, one of Rilakkuma’s favorite snacks is donuts! JapanLA convinced the shiny new Buttermilk Truck to come to the party, and they’ll be outside of the store cooking up pancakes, waffles, donuts and more!

Check out the details below!
Time: Saturday, Dec 12th, 7pm-11pm
Place: JapanLA, 648 N. Fuller Ave. (Off Melrose Ave.), Los Angeles, CA 90036

  • Free pancakes from the acclaimed Buttermilk Truck for first 30 guests with Christmas themed-outfits!
  • San-X goody bags to first 100 guests with San-X purchase!
  • “Most Outrageous Christmas Themed Outfit” Contest with Rilakkuma prizes!
  • Special San-X products brought in from Japan for the event!
  • This is an all-ages event!

Come party hardy with JapanLA, Bubble Punch, Rilakkuma and friends at the cutest Christmas event of the year!

Hope to see you there!

Nom nom nom! (*please note these are not the actual pancakes Buttermilk truck will be serving... hehe. But they are awesome nonetheless.)