Sanrio’s “Kitty in Pink” 80s Prom Event Report

Kitty in Pink, Sanrio's Retro 80s Prom

So if you haven’t heard, Sanrio’s “Small Gift: Los Angeles” event officially closed on November 21, 2010! We would especially love to thank all of you 80’s loving prom goers who glammed up and decked out for Sanrio’s 80’s prom event, “Kitty in Pink”!

We were extremely impressed by all of the wonderfully tacky, shiny, and awesomely 80’s outfits that guest arrived in. We couldn’t have dreamed of the wonderfully creative things everyone came up with.

Stephiee of in her big blue beast

Debbi in her Hangyodon inspired outfit.


The Reaganomics rocked the the party with great 80’s music covers during the evening. Everyone got into the beat and danced up a storm.

Party Go-ers dancing to The Reaganomics

We were really glad to have The Yuki Shundo Dance crew back for a special 80s prom performance as well. They tore up the stage and wowed the crowd again.

The Yuki Shundo Dance Crew

Because there were so many wonderful outfits during the evening, both of us had to enlist the help of The Reaganomics to choose our Prom Queen, Prom King, Prom Princess, and Prom Prince!

Die, who made her own Kuromi inspired outfit was our Prom Princess!

Our Prom Queen is crowned and awarded her Hello Kitty Beach Cruiser Bike!

The event was a total blast, and again we have to thank everyone for coming out, and going all out. We’re glad to say that when it comes knowing how to party and have fun, Los Angeles can totally do it Sanrio 80’s style! We here at Bubble Punch would like to think that all of you and ourselves included, have made all lovers of 80’s prom flicks, proud with this event.
Thank you all again for making all of our Sanrio x Bubble Punch events hugely fun and successful! See you again soon!

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If you have photos from your gallery you’d like to share with us, leave us a comment so we can add yours too!



Sanrio & Loungefly’s “I <3 Nerds" Post-Event Report!

Thank you to everyone who came out and made the “I ❤ Nerds” event the nerdiest, dorkiest, glasses-fest we have EVER seen! We were so pleased that Sanrio fans of all ages dressed up in Nerdy attire to party with Sanrio, Loungefly, and other nerd-lovers. We were once again honored to be asked by Sanrio to throw their themed parties this year, and man oh man, this one took the cake! With over 1,000 nerdy fans in attendance, this was THE ONE PARTY TO RULE THEM ALL! (No, the nerd-references don’t stop there. They just keep getting worse as this post goes on!)

This Hello Kitty Nerd outfit made its debut at this party! We ❤ Nerd Kitty!

Glittery masked nerds! So cute!

8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer definitely had some loyal fans at this event, as they mixed and played their chip tunes for fans live, with an interactive display of nostalgic 8-bit graphics moving behind them.

Michelle Sternberger of ComputeHer, getting ready to perform!

The Yuki Shundo Dance crew really brought down the house with their amazing dance set of video game-inspired moves. Everyone in the crowd really lost it when they head the Zelda music go on.. or maybe that was just us??

These nerds can DANCE!

And thanks to DJ Dave Tada who brought us some pretty sweet nerd music in between all of the amazing performances!

Or course, the costumes were super epic and we were so pleased that everyone went all out to try and win the prize for NERDIEST!

# The little boy and mom team won 3rd place: A Hello Kitty sewing machine! Trevor (far right), owner of Loungefly poses with the winners!

# One of the 2nd place winners! HE DANCED for his prize: an electric scooter!

# First place winner brought a working ROBOT with him. OF COURSE HE WINS! He won a Hello Kitty beach cruiser bicycle!

Thanks for all of your awesome costumes, comments, and continuing support!

Yume Ninja (left) and Chubby Bunny (right) make nerdy announcement. (Dressed like Trekkies, nyuknyuk)


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Hello Kitty Nerds fans reaching up for the generous free swag from Loungefly! Lougnefly LOVES their fans!

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Kitty In Pink 80s Prom Inspiration!

Is the excitement building?

There’s just a few more days until the totally awesome 80’s Prom, hosted by Sanrio and Bubble Punch!
If you’ve been snoozing and haven’t purchased tickets, please check out our previous post! Remember this event is a limited ticket event!

We’ve been getting really amazing feedback from some Sanrio fans about the crazy outfits they have planned for the prom. Hope you guys are prepared! If you’re still not sure what to wear, or maybe just want to stand out from the crowd, then this post is to help you out.

We recommend going for BIGGER IS BETTER! There will be costume prizes given out to the Prom King, Prom Queen (adults), Prom Prince, Prom Princess ( children), and for MOST AWESOMELY 80s!

So if you’re still unsure about what to do for the 80’s Prom, here’s some amazing outfits to consider:


– Yellow jump suit
– write “DEVO” on the pocket area
– upside down red flower pots!

Madonna, duh!

Whether you’re “Like a virgin” or a “Material Girl” we expect to see you there!


    Grab some belts, a dutch boy wig, and furry underpants and you are set.

      The Misfits!

      While we do love Jem, we all know the Misfits were WAY more 80’s. Why are they the bad girls? Just because they like putting PURPLE AND PINK all over their faces? Pshhh!

      Karma Chameleon! Boy George, signature boy of the 80’s

      Robert Smith of The Cure

      For our darker fans, like Yume Ninja, there are plenty of 80’s Goth icons to choose from.

      The Breakfast Club

      For those who want to go as a group encompassing all things 80’s.


      And lastly, why not just go inspired by the theme?

      Molly Ringwald in “Pretty In Pink”

      The quintessential 80’s prom movie.


      Well hope you guys feel inspired now! Can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!

        Sanrio, Loungefly, & Bubble Punch present: “I <3 Nerds" Party!

        We are so proud to present our latest project with Sanrio: the “I ❤ Nerds” Party! (Ok, technically I “Hello Kitty” Nerds…)

        Sanrio is commemorating their 50th Anniversary Celebration in Los Angeles with a celebration of all things nerdy-tastic! Partnering with Loungefly, Sanrio was able to bring the Hello Kitty Nerd series to the world in the past year, and are celebrating nerds of all kinds at this one of a kind event! Check out just a few of these adorable nerd-inspired designs by Loungefly!


        The party will be happening at Barkar Hangar in Santa Monica, where Sanrio is setting up shop to celebrate for an entire week of fun with all their characters! Last year you might remember the awesome times we had at Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary, but this year, all of her friends are showing up for the action! Keroppi, Badtz Maru, Cinnamonroll, and many more will be at the event to say hi!

        This superfun nerd-themed night includes:

        • Live music performance by 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer, nerd techno rock for the 8 bit loving and gamer lovers. Some info from their site: 8 Bit Weapon has performed their chip music across two continents with their arsenal of 8 bit weapons: Commodore 64 and 128, Apple II, couple Nintendo Gameboy classics, Nintendo N.E.S., Amiga 1200, Intellivision synthesizer, Atari 2600, Speak n Spell & Speak n Music, some hybrid lo-fi acoustic-electric drums, and an assortment of other vintage and toy synthesizers.
        • Performance by the Yuki Shundo Dance Crew, the hottest group of dancers to bring their nerd love to the big stage!
        • Contest for NERDIEST COSTUME with supercute prizes by Loungefly!
        • Your nerds party ticket also scores you a free limited edition Hello Kitty nerds-themed crown and glasses!
        • Appearance by Hello Kitty in her nerd attire for photo snaps!
        • Hungry nerds can chow down at the snack booths and food trucks!
        • Pose in our costume photo booth and take home a complimentary picture print!

        At the party you will be able to enjoy the Sanrio art show curated by JapanLA, a fabulous Sanrio product retrospective, exclusive Sanrio items in their pop-up shop, super cute miniature golf, game booths, activities, retro arcade and a Ferris wheel will be open for your enjoyment as well!

        Wanna go to this awesome nerdfest? Here are all the details on how to attend! Make sure to grab your tickets as there are a limited amount available!!

        HOW: CLICK HERE to purchase tickets on BrownPaperTickets! $15 for tickets
        WHERE: Barker Hangar, 3021 Airport Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90405
        WHEN: Saturday, November 13 8:30PM – 11:30PM

        Make sure to check back here for costume inspiration, and updates on the big night!

        Save the dates!

        We are close to announcing some AMAZING parties we are hosting in conjunction with Sanrio and their big 50th Anniversary Celebration here in Los Angeles!

        For those of you who don’t remember, or would simply like to reminisce, we worked with Sanrio last year for their Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary events, and produced the  “Hello Kitty’s Bats & Cats Masquerade” event, which was a staggering success! You can moon over that time of yore at our old event post here:

        Hello Kitty’s Bats & Cats Masquerade Event Report


        For this year, all we can tell you is to please keep as much of the listed times for the 50th Anniversary Celebration free as possible! It’s going to be much bigger, and much, much better! Plus, this time ALL of Hello Kitty’s friends will be making their way to the big party!